The week in review

Biggest school brouhaha– Charlottesville: According to reports in the Daily Progress, Mayor David Brown blames School Board Chairwoman Dede Smith's communication skills for escalating the current controversy over Superintendent Scottie Griffin, and UVA's dean of African-American Affairs, Rick Turner, calls for Brown to resign.

Biggest school brouhaha– Albemarle: After months of discussion and angst, the redistricting committee postpones its earlier recommendations that would have moved swanky neighborhoods like Farmington from Murray Elementary to a new, unbuilt southern urban elementary, the need for which will now be studied again.

Best idea to come out of local government: Charlottesville and Albemarle County look at consolidating fire and possibly rescue services– but only after paying for a study, of course.

Best news for flask-toting shooters: A Senate bill that would have limited the blood alcohol level of hunters to .02 was shot down in a House committee, so hunters can have a BAC of up to .08– the same as drivers– before they're considered intoxicated.

Most emotional sentencing: Former UVA student and convicted stabber Andrew Alston is formally sentenced to three years February 16 for the death of volunteer firefighter Walker Sisk.

Least contrite convict: Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Jon Zug plays recordings of Alston speaking with his mother back in November after he beat a second-degree murder charge in which Alston said, "Yeah, now we can say '[expletive] you, Jon Zug,'" Liesel Nowak reports in the Daily Progress.

Worst killing: The body of Anthony Lorenzo Johnson, 22, is discovered near Free Bridge Lane February 21 by a woman walking her dog.

Worst shot in the leg: Two UVA students are robbed on 15th Street at around 11:30pm February 18, and Fourth Year Josh Hailey suffers a shattered lower right fibula when the gun-toting thief fires before fleeing, the Cavalier Daily reports.

Worst alleged misbehavior by a microbiologist: UVA's John Eugene Myers is arrested February 18 and charged with assaulting two students who tried to intervene when he became irate at a University Transit Service driver who wouldn't let him off the bus, which was stuck in traffic. Myers is also charged with assaulting a police officer.

Biggest bust: A pound of pot, $2,100, and 10 jars of moonshine are discovered February 15 in the car of Keith Leon Smith Jr., 27, a construction worker at UVA's John Paul Jones Arena.

Worst– worst– Valentine's gift: A male asking to see engagement rings snatches three rings from the counter at Glassner Jewelers February 11. On February 14, his unsuspecting fiance asks to have two of the purloined rings sized. Raymond Rayshawne Carter is charged with grand larceny February 16 and he returns the third ring.

Worst loss to gonzo journalism: Legendary bad boy writer Hunter S. Thompson, who invents "gonzo journalism" by inserting himself into coverage of events such as the 1972 presidential campaign, and who wrote the classic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, is found dead, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, February 20 in his Aspen home at age 67.

Most annoying stoplight: "Twaffic Tweety," a temporary fixture on Water Street by the new amphitheater construction.

Best chance to pick up a film studio: Tim and Daphne Maxwell Reid's New Millennium Studios they built in 1997 in Petersburg is on the market for $1.495 million.

Best sign spring is in the air: Outdoor tables start reappearing on the Downtown Mall February 15.

Best sign the downtown amphitheater will be finished before August: Loretta Lynn's website shows her scheduled to perform there July 30.