Thanks for covering Brown's Mill

I enjoyed your recent article of the possible sale of the "big barn at Belmont Bridge"– although it was always referred to as the "Brown Milling Company" or "Brown's Mill" by my family members. [On the Block, February 17: "Not half-baked: Old mill has huge potential"]

As shown in Holsinger's Charlottesville, it was in the business of "buy, sell and exchange." I have several pictures of the old mill, passed down by family members. It was quite the structure, as your article mentioned. My grandfather, Jury Yates Brown Sr., was one of the owners and also once mayor of Charlottesville.

Again, keep up the good work. I believe it was the Hook that also wrote of the sale of "Brown's Mountain." [Cover story, February 5, 2004: "Mountain views: How Monticello got Montalto back"]. You will soon become local historians!

Jeffrey P. Brown