The week in review

Worst constitutional tampering: Both houses of the General Assembly pass resolutions to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage– as if the Commonwealth didn't already have enough laws on the books on that topic. And the House passes a resolution to allow prayer and recognition of religious beliefs on public property, including schools.

Best reminder of Virginia's Bible Belt muscle: The Staunton School Board votes 5-1 February 14 to keep Weekday Religious Education, in which elementary children leave during the school day to learn about the Bible.

Best reminder of Virginia's tobacco industry muscle: The Senate slaps down a bill to ban smoking in most public buildings, including restaurants, February 8.

Closest step to charter status: Both houses in the General Assembly pass versions of bills to give state universities, including UVA, more autonomy.

Latest in the latest UVA scandal: Prof James Sofka demands a formal hearing following his ouster as director of the Echols program over allegations of inappropriate behavior with female students.

Juiciest memo: A February 3 letter allegedly written by Assistant Superintendent Laura Purnell slams her boss, beleaguered Charlottesville School Superintendent Scottie Griffin, as "punitive," "verbally abusive," and "bullying."

Oddest apology: Superintendent Griffin releases a February 4 apology email– allegedly from Purnell– but won't release the original letter that sparked the alleged apology, the Daily Progress reports.

Worst part of town to try to order a pizza: Hardy Drive, to which neither Domino's not Papa John's will deliver, Claudia Pinto reports in the Progress. Friendship Court and parts of Prospect Drive are among other locations on the pizza chains' do-not-deliver list.

Worst child porn case: Edward Reece Brown, 55, a former UVA dining services supervisor, is held without bond on charges of making child pornography.

Worst week for Louisa: Sixteen-year-old Thomas Cameron of Bumpass dies following a February 9 school bus crash that injures seven other students. Driver Lorrie Ann Batten is charged with reckless driving, according to a report by John Yellig in the Progress.

Most brazen bike theft: A man pedals away on an $1,800 mountain bike February 9 after test riding it four times earlier at the Bike Factory at Seminole Square, Reed Williams reports in the Progress.

Worst Valentine for Clark Howard fans: WINA drops his consumer affairs show in favor of Fox news personality Bill O'Reilly's "Radio Factor.

Saddest Death of a Salesman : Playwright great Arthur Miller dies February 10 at age 89.

Most inevitable detail in Miller obits: He was Marilyn Monroe's third husband.

Happiest couples: Prince Charles finally proposes to his longtime mistress, Camilla Parker-Bowles, and announces an April 8 wedding date. And Mary Kay Letourneau plans an April 16 wedding to Vili Fualaau, her former sixth grade student. Letourneau spent seven-and-a-half years in jail for statutory rape. The couple has two children and is registered online at Bon-Macy, Target, and WalMart.

Biggest Scottsville buzz: The IGA sells the winning $10.3 million lottery ticket in the February 12 drawing, but at press time, the winner had not stepped forward.

Most meat: Hunters for the Hungry provided 333,536 pounds of venison this season, a new record, thanks to the 6,600 deer that participated.

Most honored bat: The General Assembly moves toward endorsing the Virginia big-eared bat as the state's official plecotus.