Add TV listings to <I>Hook

I was interested in the January 27 article on the Daily Progress TV listings ["Unlisted: New TV stations off the grid"], particularly the curt response from the publisher, Lawrence McConnell.

I have sent several letters to the Progress asking about the fact that they do not list all stations broadcast locally by Adelphia– for example, the Hallmark channel– and have gotten an unsatisfactory response. The guide just footnotes that other channels are available, like Oxygen, MSNBC, etc.

As with the person quoted in your article, I look to the Progress for local news and a complete directory of local entertainment, including TV listings. However, they apparently are not interested in providing the info their readers want, or in staying in tune with the community they serve. It seems to me that this is another example of what happens when there is no competition.

I suggest that the Hook consider supplying a local weekly TV guide. With that and the recent move to include more news, you just may become the newspaper of choice for local info.

Ron Ritter