Revealed: What happened <I>after</I> the date?


Dozens of local singles have taken the Blind Date Challenge, and their stories are always amusing. Sometimes they bicker; sometimes they're bored, and sometimes sparks fly. But the story's not always over when the column ends

Always the voyeur, Matchmaker touched base with several couples who suggested they might get together again to see what happened when no one was watching. (Those who loathed each other and said so in print, Matchmaker left alone– it's bad enough to have a terrible date, but then to be forced to relive it?)

So for those of you who wish you were a fly on the wall, here are your wings... Read on to get the scoop on what happened after these dates hit the page.


SKYLER AND KURT at Mellow Mushroom

published June 24, 2004

Skyler is a 22-year-old avid blogger and a peddler of handmade puppets. Kurt is a 27-year-old microbiologist. Not a likely pair, admittedly, but after their pizza date, both said they'd had fun and would consider a second get-together. Sklyer ranked the date an 8; Kurt gave it the same score. None too shabby, eh? So what happened next?


Skyler: We didn't go on a second date. He did call to ask me out again, but I wasn't interested. I was a little surprised that he called after reading some of the things I'd said about the date. A few people told me they saw my date in the paper, even as recently as a couple weeks ago at my new job (one of my coworkers asked, "Didn't you go on the blind date challenge?") For weeks afterwards, casual acquaintances who saw me talking to any guys they didn't recognize would ask, "Was that Kurt?"

The BDC was fun. I'd totally do it again. I just wouldn't make the same mistake of saying I'd date anyone with a pulse. (Agreeing to give him the same score he gave me was probably not the best idea either.)

Kurt: No reply



published August 12, 2004

Betty is a sweet English rose, a 77-year-old widow with an adventurous spirit and an RV to match. Seventy-six-year-old Frank is a retired college administrator who lives Lexington. He also happens to be is the father of Hook art writer Laura Parsons. A "true Southern gentleman," Frank arrived on his blind date with thoughtful gift– a Maine weather stick in tow. They both were charmed with each other by the end of the night, each giving the other a perfect score: 10. Did they see each other again, as they suggested they would?


Frank: Shortly after our date, Betty went to England to visit family and friends. Upon her return, my daughter Laura and I met her for a Sunday brunch at Jarman's Gap restaurant in Crozet, where she bestowed upon me two marvelous mementos of our date: one a small box of Oxo beef stock cubes, the second a paper coaster with Oxo embossed on it, beautifully mounted in a small, elegant frame. I had brought along a jar of Maine blueberry jam for her from my September in Maine.

Several weeks later, Laura and I were guests at Betty's for an elegant Sunday brunch with her, her daughter and her husband, and their two children. I got to see her big RV vehicle, a home on wheels.

Betty and I will be seeing each other again soon. She's a delightful person and good company. Thanks for creating the conditions that brought us together as good friends.

Betty: Out of town at press time.



published September 23, 2004

Thirty-four-year-old engineer John had already given the Blind Date Challenge a try earlier last year, and it didn't work out. But the guy's a good sport, so he got back on the horse, so to speak. Lisa, a 30-year-old scientist, was a better match, and by the time their date was published, they'd already been out a second time. Are they still hanging out?


John: We went out a few times after the date, but we haven't seen each other in a few months. She's nice and very sweet, but I don't think we're right for each other.

Lisa: No reply.



published August 26, 2004

This was one date that Matchmaker had an extra good feeling about. Both Scott and Faith were new to town, both getting ready to start graduate programs, he in English, she in Spanish. Music-loving liberals, both early 20s, it seemed like a match made in heaven. But then the dreaded "friend vibe" snuck in.

"He's definitely someone I'd like to have as a friend," Faith wrote after the date, giving Scott a tepid 7. "I think Scott and I may have a little too much in common for me to fall head over heels in lust." Scott was a bit warmer in his assessment: "I'm thrilled to have met Faith, and I had a great time," he wrote, rating the date a 9. So did they stay "just friends"? Here's what they have to say...


Scott: While I didn't have high hopes for a romantic future between Faith and me, our second date found us more relaxed and interested in getting to know each other.

Faith: The first date was fun, but we were both a little dazed by the weirdness of the blind date situation. The second time we saw each other, romance blossomed more naturally (with the help of a couple of gin and tonics).

Matchmaker can't keep it in any longer– Scott and Faith have been an item for the past five months! He even took her home to meet the folks!

Scott: We had both signed on for the BDC expecting only an adventurous evening out in a new town. Now we have a story to tell when people ask us how we met.

Faith: Thank you, Matchmaker! Scott is the "loudmouthed, leftist geek-boy" of my dreams!

Well, it's nice to see that friendships bloom, and sometimes there's even an honest to goodness match! Gosh, it kind of makes you want to sign up yourself, doesn't it? Well, what are you waiting for? Just send your pertinent info age, gender, height, weight, hair/eye colors, profession, interests and who you're looking for to Maybe someday Matchmaker will be asking you how the date turned out!