Southern Property LLC to Stanton and Jennifer L. Braverrman, unit in Burnet Commons, $285,100.

Southern Property LLC to M. Gabrielle Hall, unit in Burnet Commons, $267,500.


Belmont Loft Company LLC to Edward F. Schuler, unit 15 in Belmont Loft Condominiums, 200 Douglas Avenue, $194,000.

Brenda C. Lamonds to Theresa A. McClanahan, parcel on Douglas Avenue, $159,900.

Mary G. Crichton to Stephanie Commander, 1005 Birdwood Road, Colonial Heights subdivision, $192,500.


Randal S. Johnson to Dava C. Staton, 804 Orangedale Avenue, $103,000.

Edward R. and Sarah G. Parrish to Steven J. and Eileen H. Marqusee, 124 Brandywine Court, $235,000.

Crossland Homes and Development LLC to Steven Black and Tracy Mourton, 1307 Belmont Park, $180,500.

Charles E. and Charlotte L. Lilly to Joseph M. Horton, 804 Druid Avenue, $155,000.

Christine A. Stacy to Stacy Capital LLC, parcel at East Main and Third Streets NE, no price given.

Edward Childress and William Marshall, special commissioners, to Edgehill Builders LLC, 716 Rockland Avenue, $93,000.

Carl L. Gibson to Yvonne T. Griffin and Mary Ann Barnes, trustees of Ridgewood Land Trust, parcel on Cleveland Avenue, $85,000.

Brian J. Wimer and Ivana Kadija to Ian C. Day and Lillian L. and William A. Ewell, 814 Hinton Avenue, $348,000.

Geraldine R. Henderson to Virginia C. Morris, unit in Charlottesville Towers condominiums, 511 North First Street, $125,000.


Linda S. and William F. Vogt to Edward L. and Gladis N. Sacre, parcel on Belmont Avenue, gift.

Regina R. Conant to Barry Montgomery, 1914 Swanson Drive, "Northerly" subdivision, $222,000.

Southern Property LLC to M. Gabrielle Hall, unit in Burnet Commons, $267,700.

Jane B. Wilhoite to Costi Sifri and Deborah M. Henderson, 1821 Meadowbrook Heights Road, $475,000.

Susan Bellmann and Gabriella B. Karson to Julia W. Friar, 619 Bolling Avenue, $175,000.

Alexandra R. McGee to Paul S. Martin and Michelle P. Claibourn, 1321 Willow Drive, $159,000.

Alfred V. Elias to Gloria G. D'Alessandro, unit in Charlottesville Towers condominiums, North First Street, $168,500.

Charles W. Hurt and Shirley Fisher, trustees, to Zannis and Eleni Damvakaris and Manolos-Damvakaris, parcel on Elsom Street, $120,000.

Benjamin Walter and Julia Routbort to Lee A. Sherratt and Amanda P. Lotas, 219 Monte Vista Avenue, $259,000.


Curtis G. and Charlotte I. Thacker to Thomas M. and Paula D. Haughey, lot on Forest Hills Avenue, $142,500.

Southern Property LLC to Michael P. and Amy M. Svetz, unit in Burnet Commons, 162 Burnet Street, $279,200.

Dennis D. and Deborah M. Keener to Langhorne K. Murray, 408 13th Street NE, $207,000.

Philip H. Clark to John R. McLaughlin, 107 Eric Place, Johnson Village, $236,900.

Matthew A. Rohdie and Jennifer S. Downey to Brian J. Wimer and Ivana Kadija, 704 Belmont Avenue, $279,000.

Ronald S. and Betsy T. Critzer to Wyatt E. and Patricia B. Owens, unit in Cedars Court condominiums, $87,000.

Ralph M. and Agnes C. McDonalds to John F. Pavlansky III, 1603 Trailridge Road, Johnson Village, $229,500.

Virginia C. Porter and William A. Carr to Roulhac D. and Roulhac B. Toledano, 413 Oak Street, $71,900.

Frank D. and Shirley M. Tomlin to Tara E. and Dorsey S. Murray, 1114 Montrose Avenue, $172,227.

Brenda L. Howell and Gary D. Lawrence to Christopher K. and Pamela G. Barnard, 841 St. Clair Avenue, $335,000.

William Gray and Caren C. Hill to Samaritan's Purse, lots on Fairway Avenue and Arbor Circle, no price given.

Main Street Associates LLC to Musicians United to Serve the Youth of Charlottesville, 105 Ridge Street, $713,000.

Timothy C. and Jerelene P. Scott to Moe LLC, 211 11th Street NE, $395,000.

Agustin Villa and Zannis Damvakaris to Jaime L. Mendoza, 2519 Naylor Street, $159,100.


Laura J. Light to Alfred and Barbara Elias, 2507 Kerry Lane, $319,000.

James P. and Grace A. Muro to Leslie Kenner, 408 Arbor Circle, $188,000.

The Belmont Loft Company LLC to Sally Simons, unit in Belmont Loft condominiums, 202 Douglas Avenue, $314,000.

Lewis E. Lilly, executor, to Gary L. and Jamie G. Hunter, 536 Meade Avenue, $135,000.

William James Wallenstein and Christina Michas to Nell N. Manning, 708 Graves Street, $252,000.

Robert C. Ernst III and Charlene L. McGhee to SBL Group LLC, condominium in Belmont, no price given.


Douglas E. Loyd to Mussarat J. Arbab, 2002 Greenbrier Drive, $255,000.

Joseph D. Boyd to Matthew G. Boyd, one-half interest in lot on north side of State Route 250, Queen Charlotte, $30,000.

James E. Treakle Jr., trustee, to Bruce Gibbs, 315 7-l/2 Street SW, $177,600.

William McG. Burruss to William M. and Katherine D. Burruss, 229 10th Street NW, no price given.

City of Charlottesville to the Greater Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity, 809 Page Street, gift.


Warren Y. Jobe Jr. to Kellytown LLC, four lots in Kellytown, Robinson Woods, $270,000.

Ralph E. Main Jr. and Mary G. Taylor King to Weather Hill Holdings Ltd., lot on East Jefferson Street, $365,000.


Trilateral Corp. to Martin Albert and Peggy A. Wright, parcel on Chisholm Place, $129,500.

John W. and Sandra S. Wilkinson to John W. Via, 513 Harris Road, $189,900.

Patricia Hurst, trustee, to Wayne R., Aileen, and Lillian M. Holland, unit in Burnet Commons, $298,000.

Joanne Sobotincic to Rudolph W. Sobotincic, lot on Palatine Avenue, $97,600.


Margaret W. Jones to Grayson C. and Tyler F. McNeely, 1165 Kensington Avenue, $238,000.

M. Gabrielle Hall to William and Tracy B. Watterson, 131 Burnet Street, Burnet Commons, $322,500.

Morris H. Puckett to Belmont Properties LLC, 915 Monticello Road, $139,900.

Paul Yeaton, trustee, to Steven N. Stern and Cynthia A. Berdon, 1317 Hilltop Road, $650,000.

James A. and Patricia A. Herring to Sanchita Mathur, 366 Riverside Avenue, $130,000.

Lester J. and Kimberly H. Washington to Mary F. Anderson, 813 Prospect Avenue, $125,000.


Doris V. Curry to Alan R. Bower, 707 Forest Street, $130,000.

John C. and Rhonda M. Holland to Mary R. Holland, 2608 Willard Drive, Green Valleys, $95,000.

Steven R. and Novella M. Thomas to Tashi Dolkar and Gyaltson Sangpo, 909 Ridge Street, $260,000.

Barry R. Payne to Laura L. Settle, James E. Hollins III and Tracey M. Cosner, lot on Orangedale Avenue, $10,750.

Greater Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity to Neal R. Deputy, lot on Rose Hill Avenue, $75,500.

Jefferson Area Builders Inc. to William B. and Danielle D. Wilcox, 409 Ridge Street, $497,565.

Luke E. and Suzanne K. Kitelinger to McKinley and Mary-Scott Breckenridge, 704 Franklin Street, $185,000.

Anne A. King to Robert L. Sharp and Lynda M. McAuliffe, 2123 Tarleton Drive, $221,000.

Pauli Hayes to Thomas C. Dobbins, 1009 Druid Avenue, $160,000.



Paul Yeaton, trustee, to Steven N. Stern and Cynthia A. Berdon, 1317 Hilltop Road, $650,000.