Thanks for exposing Stevie Jay

Your Hotseat spread on Stevie Jay ["Breaking barriers," January 6] was arresting and powerful– and couldn't have been better timed in light of his upcoming show at Gravity Lounge on January 25.

Given Stevie's ongoing presence in Charlottesville, it would be easy enough to take him, and his gifts, for granted; I'm very pleased the Hook has given him the coverage he deserves.

Jen Fariello did a first-class job of capturing a soulful, honest, reflective Stevie Jay, and Vijith Assar's subtle depiction of Stevie's complex performance (and how audiences are genuinely affected by it) were remarkably accurate and expressive. Together with an alluring graphic layout, the article succeeded at offering a momentary glimpse of the Multi-Chakra Extravaganza itself.

Stevie Jay has a unique way of helping people look and laugh at everything– at sexual stereotypes, at our politics, at our world, at our humanness, and at ourselves. The laughter he elicits is deep and profound, sending audiences on a healing journey of self-acceptance and love– one that ultimately extends out to others.

It was no surprise that SJ named Alfred Kinsey, Lenny Bruce, and Margaret Cho as people he admires. Like his poignant script, the work of these individuals also utilizes open discussions of sex as a vehicle for raising awareness, dispelling myths, shedding light, and ultimately paving the way for greater understanding of human beings in their wholeness.

We, the people of Planet Earth, need more of Stevie Jay, and wisely, are willing to pay good money to be taken on a life-altering, heart-opening ride with him. For some, experiencing Stevie Jay is a once in a lifetime opportunity–not to be missed; some of us who are more fortunate, however, get to do it again and again and again (although, probably not for long).

Douglas Olson