Sports column needs help


This is a complaint about the "Sports Wrap" column, and what seems like a lack of support and respect for UVA athletics. In [the January 6] column, Kelly Watt blunders through the men's basketball recap by misnaming the only two players he mentions: "Chris" Singletary (try Sean next time), and "Jermaine" Clark (that would be Jason Clark).

You also failed to note their January 5 double OT win (okay, maybe a deadline thing), as well as forgot to mention their January 8 game at Georgia Tech in "The Week Ahead."

These complaints may seem petty, yet it is just another week where I am reading bland, detached, and unsupportive reporting of UVA athletics. It seems as though you're reporting UVA sports for a paper in Indiana, not Charlottesville.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt that this is not purposeful; however, you need to remember that UVA sports, in particular football and basketball, are the sports we want info on in Charlottesville. (I'm not a student or alum, by the way). We want biased, positive, supportive reporting, and we want to feel the stories and recaps are coming from a fan, not just someone punching the clock.

Missing the names of these players is evidence that either you don't know anything about UVA sports, or you just didn't care to proofread your column, both of which are just unacceptable.

You are writing for us– the fans and followers. Football and basketball losses hurt us– deep down– and it doesn't help to read a column that comes from a seemingly non-interested writer.

Please consider your attitude while writing this column. Feel our pain. Celebrate our victories. And please, please, get the players' names right.

John Andersen