Supremo's court: Lucky rules the 216 stage


If somebody told you that Lucky Supremo was the name of a pantyhose-clad superhero, somebody lied.

They're not that far off the mark, though– after all, it is the name of Moses Dada's alter ego, the pantyhose-clad drag queen who won top honors at Club 216's pageant last month. And, as if the name alone wasn't proof positive of the towering Nigerian-American's sense of humor, a recent press release lauded the winner's accomplishments and only divulged the nature of the competition after having spent several paragraphs treating the event as though it were a run-of-the-mill beauty pageant.

That's precisely how both Dada and Lucky think it should be, though. Dada is quick to point out the dichotomy of stage coexisting with reality– she's very secure in her masculinity.

"Once I am done performing and I am off the stage, you will never catch me alive or dead wearing a woman's dress," she says. "I'm a very secure and stable man, and I love every minute of my real life as a man."

With all the success he's been meeting with recently, he's probably loving every minute of his life as a woman, too. Lucky has found herself a hot ticket at venues in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, like Club Chaos and The Hippo, and has even performed as far away as New York City.

He's also been active here at home. She's performed several times at Club 216 since he first caught the eye of show coordinator Jennifer D'Ville at a Halloween party several years ago, and is a regular at the club's monthly drag night events. Having won the pageant, he's now a figurehead and spokesqueen of sorts for the club, an entirely appropriate status given the fact that it was at Club 216 that his hobby first met with success.

"I've been in the art of female illusion for about 9 years," he says. "A few years ago, female impersonation in my tribe was a taboo." Now, she says, everybody seems to be changing their tunes.

There's also a slightly less whimsical side to all this. On December 29, Dada visited the Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center, and she brought with him an elf's workshop worth of gifts.

"I told myself that if I got the title, all my tips would go toward buying toys for the kids," he says.

Fun with pronouns aside, Dada decided not to go in costume, in part because he wanted to avoid controversy, and in part because he's not one to push his values or standards of decency on anybody.

"The purpose of the charity work is not to teach or impact anything– just giving," he says.

"My goal for this title for the next few months, before I have to relinquish it, is to channel some of Club 216's benefits towards children," he adds. "We've already started with the Kluge thing, and we're going to do some more."

This will likely start soon with visits to cancer patients at the UVA Hospital and continue until both personas are exhausted. One might never know which gender will be in play, but in a sense it doesn't matter. Either way, there's a heart underneath it all.

Age: 29

Why here? Charlottesville is a moderate city. Not too wild and not too boring. Just right!

What's worst about living here? Too much good food. Charlottesville has a lot of cooks and chefs. I battle hard at the gym four to five times a week to keep the excess fat off.

Favorite hangout? Home. This is where I am most relaxed.

Most overrated virtue? Christmas shopping. This special day is Jesus' birthday, and, it's always great when overshopping doesn't cloud this fact.

People would be surprised to know? Cornrows originated from African women in African countries. In most African countries today, only women wear cornrows.

What would you change about yourself? Absolutely nothing

Proudest accomplishment? Becoming a U.S. citizen.

People find most annoying about you? I have been criticized by a few people for being too kind to others.

Whom do you admire? Myself. I admire myself for being a survivor.

Favorite book? Your Erroneous Zones by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Subject that causes you to rant? Discrimination in all its forms. And the #1 factor to blame is ignorance.

Biggest 21st century thrill? Extreme Makeover Shows. It's amazing to see how people's self esteem can greatly be affected by their outward appearance.

Biggest 21st century creep-out? The gradual depletion of oil and nature.

What do you drive? Can you guess?

In your car CD player right now? Jody Watley's Off the Hook remix

Next journey? Louisa County

Most trouble you've ever gotten in? Driving a car in a snowstorm

Regret? Nothing

Favorite comfort food? Low calorie sherbet

Always in your refrigerator? Gallons of water

Must-see TV? A Different World, starring Jasmine Guy

Favorite cartoon? Tom & Jerry

Describe a perfect day: This will be a day where simply nothing goes wrong, just like my coronation night on December 17, 2004.

Walter Mitty fantasy? Becoming a real magician

Who'd play you in the movie? For now, I'll star as myself.

Most embarrassing moment? Watching the Clinton & Monica Lewinsky scandal

Best advice you ever got? Dream big and never underestimate yourself.

Favorite bumper sticker? "Don't have strong opinions about issues you don't understand."

Lucky Supremo/Moses Dada