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 Lavern C. McCauley to Pei-Faing Ho and Tsao Hsuan Lin, 206 Azalea Drive, $234,000.

Sam Altman to Christine Duguet, 125 Greenwich Court, $155,400.


 James E. and Joyce L. Shifflett to James E. Shifflett, 1147 Meriwether Street, no price given.

William S. and Sara T. Johnson to Vaught Properties LLC, 217 Old Lynchburg Road, $245,000.

Dawn B., Julana D., and Marcia Rigney Wilson to David A. Roberts, 109 Robertson Avenue, $288,000.

Gerald B. Haskins to Gerald B. and Deborah L. Haskins, 702 South First Street, no price given.

Jarrod A. and Marjorie Marto to Matthew K. Burke and Melissa D. Grizzard, 711 Village Road, Johnson Village, $231,000.

Southern Properties LLC to John R. Pattieson, condominium unit at 146 Burnet Street, Burnet Commons, $276,600.


 SNL Financial LLC to 321-323 E. Main St. LLC, 321-323 East Main Street, $2,842,000.

Dana L. Shifflett to Lair D. Haugh, trustee, unit in Cedars Court condominiums, $54,500.

Elliott M. and Dana P. Neidley to Dana P. Neidley, 1717 Essex Road, $36,878.


 Gregory E. and Joan E. Blackwell and Andrew L. Atkins Jr. et al., to Steven D. Carver and Laura L. Flowers, 1002 Elliot Avenue, $91,000.

Richard D. and Lucy J. Buchanan to Linda H. Mallock, 121 Greenwich Court, $160,000.

Trio Properties LLC to David P. and Kimberly B. Goldstein, 1052 Grady Avenue, $245,000.


Margaret S. Jennings to Peter A. and Anne H. Weems, 108 Lewis Mountain Circle, $300,000.

Eirine Vlavianos to Robert Callaghan, trustee, 108 Westwood Circle, no price given.

M. Gabrielle Hall to Mark and Marta Goldstein and Robin W. Baker, 2232 Banbury Street, $188,000.


James B. Spence Jr. to Yvonne T. Griffin, Mary Ann Barnes, and James B. Spence, trustees, unit in Carlton Bridge condominiums, $44,500.

Morris W. and Ruth D. Jones to Randall D. and Bradford D. Wagner and Christopher L. Klipp, 1812 Barracks Road, $236,000.

Jeffrey R. Lindholm and Donna M. Goodrich to Rebecca Downey and Udo Ehrenberg, 1211 Hazel Street, $275,000.

Cheryl L. MacInnis to Christopher S. D'Angelo, 316 Kent Road, $435,000.

Gessner Y. Galloway, trustee, to Lawrence M. Zippin and Gretchen Gehrett, 119 Amherst Commons, $289,900.

Matthew O. and Jennifer S. Horton to Linda Winkler, condominium unit in Cedar Court Condominiums, 1757 Franklin Drive, $82,400.

Southern Property LLC to Patricia W. Hurst, trustee, unit in Burnet Commons, $242,500.

Elaine A. Churillo to Julia F. Broderick, 1444 Plymouth Road, Sherwood Forest, $352,000.

J. Thomas, Rita, and Joseph Higgins Jr. to Collison F. Royer, 1501 Oxford Road, $289,900.

Anthony J. Sabatini to Hugh A. Crumley III and Anastasia M. Maddox, 1637 Cherry Avenue, $191,522.49.



Marvin J. and Bertha K. Grubb to Keith F. Cheely and Mary Elizabeth Jensen, lot at "East Market Square," 1122 East Market Street, $170,500.

Cynthia V. Ingraham to Charles M., Marjorie C., and Christopher M. Woolheater, 1444 Kenwood Lane, $206,000.

Oliver Kuttner to Thomas and Nancy U. Stumpf, lot in East Market Square, $265,000.

Doris H. Pace to Diomedes B. Hernandez and Isabel A. DeBonilla, 2240 Banbury Street, $200,000.

Ray F. Kauffman III to Christopher A. Hubert and Inessa O. Telefus, 217 Monte Vista Avenue, $215,000.

JTM Properties LLC to Tyler W. Sewell and Matthew J. Wilkinson, 406 Dice Street, no price given.

MTM Properties to Tyler W. Sewell and Matthew J. Winkinson, 613 Blenheim Avenue, no price given.


Evelyn C. Kessler and Wayne D. Remington, trustees of the First United Methodist Church, to Adams and Anne M. Sutphin, 654 Evergreen Avenue, $450,000.

Lynda Gayle Morris to Matthew W. Frazer and Heather D. Gray, 622 Elizabeth Avenue, $166,500.

Christopher P. Harris and Dana A. Lightsey to Oliver and Kimberly M. Kuttner, 824 Locust Avenue, $750,000.

Lucy S. and Edmund P. Russell III to Christian Aid Mission, parcel on Moseley Drive, $240,000.

Reid M. Spencer Jr. and Anne W. H. Spencer to Frederick P. and Mary B. Hitz, 521 North First Street, $1,595,000.

James E. and Joyce L. Shifflett to Joyce L. Shifflett, 605 St. Clair Avenue Extended, gift.

Branch Banking and Trust, trustee of James N. Fleming estate, to Pangean Properties LLC, 801 Ridge Street, $101,900.

David M. Norris to Terry L. Lilley, 1508 Green Street, $145,000.

Timothy J. and Erin Spencer to David L. and Anne L. Foky, 104 Troost Court, Jefferson Woods, $232,000.

Mildred S. Miller to John M. Bartlett, 205 Robertson Avenue, $126,000.


Rae Development Corp. to Lucy and Edmund B. Russell III, 100 Kelsey Court, Madison Place, $385,000.

Colin A. Harris and Rebecca A. Yurek to George C., Rebecca A., and Nancy M. Yurek, 716 Levy Avenue, $10,000.

Ada D. Harris to Dale Thompson, 1029 Forest Hills Avenue, $189,900.

Brant R. Fulmer to Anne E. Fox and William D. Hudson, 1619 Greenleaf Lane, $293,600.


William B. and Mary A. Shea to Beaver Partners LLC, lot on Piedmont Avenue, $275,000.


William B. and Danielle D. Wilcox to Lincoln F. Perry and Charlotte Ann Beattie, 874 Locust Avenue, $590,000.

Alice E. Dulaney to James F. Dulaney Jr. and Reta Dulaney Hurd, 929 Rugby Road, $1,100,000.

Gracee F. Roberson to Kara R. Perkuchin, 124 Waterbury Court, $163,500.

I&J Homebuilders LLC to William and Lindsay M. Johnson, 112 Hartman's Mill Road, $152,000.


R. L. Beyer Construction Co. to David and Elizabeth A. Kariel, 102 Tripper Court, $364,900.

Carole H. Schmidt to Carole H. and William Schmidt, unit in Carter-Gilmer Place condominiums, gift.

Vicki T. Morgan to Jane T. Quinn and Suzanna Turner, 911 Cottage Lane, $20,963.

Vicki Turner Morgan, Jane T. Quinn, and Suzanna Turner to Turner Artworks LLC, parcel at Monticello Road and Tufton Avenue, no price given.

John Ranck-Christman to Nancy L. Gilmer, trustee, 1626 Greeenleaf Lane, $223,000.

J. Dorian and Nancy W. Brown to Matthew W. Bowen, 2748 McElroy Drive, $215,500.

Stuart D., Cynthia L., and Earl Ross Jr., Brenda Ross Lamb, to Jon D. and Nancy W. Brown, 104 Eric Place, $232,000.

William M. Cole to Susan A. Hess, 900 Rosser Lane, pursuant to divorce decree.

Leanne Rand, executor, to Richard N. and Carol A. Ward, and Craig N. and Marguerite L. Pickering, 100 Dunova Court, $229,000.



William B. and Danielle D. Wilcox to Lincoln F. Perry and Charlotte Ann Beattie, 874 Locust Avenue, $590,000.




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