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LETTER- Deer deserved better

Published January 13, 2005 in issue 0402 of the Hook

I take exception to your glib and insensitive column about the deer intruder at Whole Foods [January 6: "Free range: Bambi vandalizes Whole Foods"].

Obviously, judging by your callous, cavalier observations, and sloppy reportage, you've either spent too much time in the company of those who are totally disassociated from any semblance of human compassion and connection to the natural world, who are firmly– and wrongly–convinced that deers are invading our territory, rather than the other way around, or you've spent too little time in the company of animals, who share this planet with us– for better or for far worse.

The deer was frightened and confused and had no malicious intent, whatever you have to say about it. I understand you were probably trying to be funny. You weren't. There is nothing funny about Mother Nature on the run.

It's a shame that so many members of our media care so little about the world around them.

I won't read this paper anymore. Thanks for helping me make up my mind. C'ville– for all its faults and typos, and general air of self-satisfaction– still shows itself now and then to have heart. This is what generally distinguishes C'ville from the Hook and makes it the superior weekly.

Jill Sim




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