Peggy T. Williams to Laura J. Moss, 2.282 acres near Milton, $6,500.

Stephen J. White and Sandra Getchell-White to Edward P. Kirby Jr., 146 Scarborough Place, Sherwood Manor, $134,000.

Derek D. and Keely V. Hass to Matthew M. and Dana H. Yancey, 1.858 acres at 457 Peacock Drive, Peacock Hill, $257,500.

Kathleen D. Caldwell to Charles W. Hurt, trustee, 7.77 acres on State Route 769, $20,833.

Samuel G. Spangler III to John M. and Doris L. Holt, 5.620 acres on State Route 726, $62,000.

Deloris Bradshaw to Martin and Lisa B. Pixley, 757 Exton Court, RiverRun, $160,000.

Thomas G. and Peggy A. Snow to Susan W. Meyer, 12.770 acres at 2645 High Fields Road, Keswick, $345,000.

James E. and Mary L. Casey to Thomas C. and Paula C. Spiller, 0.458 acres at 2038 Shepherd's Ridge Road, Dunlora, $420,000.

Kirk G. and Barbara E. Maher to Derek D. and Keely V. Hass, 2.109 acres at 575 Gillums Ridge Road, State Route 787, $325,000.

Todd A. Reeder, trustee, to Mark A. and Janice S. Schuster, 2.432 acres at 935 Stanley Drive, Lowell Pines subdivision, Earlysville, $360,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Timothy M. and Gail G. Cornish, 0.254 acres at 931 Braeburn Street, Grayrock Orchard, Crozet, $349,950.

Tessie L. and Michael A. Bishop to Derrick and BJ Morris, 5.41 acres at 3268 Buck Island Road, $210,000.

Alice D. Runkle to Regina H. and Edgar F. Pierce Jr., 5.44 acres at 1370 Owensville Road, $510,000.

Paul B. and Diane L. Manning to Peter L. and Wesley G. Reines, 0.720 acres at 1432 Sandown Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $1,445,300.


Louise J. Lorentzen to Marybess McCray Johnson, trustee, 1.29 acres at 7456 Rockfish Gap Turnpike, Stockton Creek, $275,000.

Samuel G. Spangler III to TAC Construction LLC, 5.918 acres on State Route 726, 2290 West River Road, Scottsville, $59,000.

Laura C. Tomiko to Prabhakara P. and Vasantha Reddi, 0.226 acres at 1080 Autumn Hill Court, Western Ridge, Crozet, $289,900.

Robert Nove to William J. Olson and Addeane S. Caelleigh, 0.293 acres at 1381 Gristmill Drive, Mill Creek North, $295,000.

Robert A. and Alice M. Broan to Otelia G. Brackett, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 130 Turtle Creek Road, $110,000.

VanderLinde Housing Inc. to Rodney L. Sparks and Marcia Opsata-Sparks, 0.333 acres at 4931 Lake Tree Lane, Western Ridge, $386,950.

VanderLinde Housing Inc. to Eric E. and Joanne D. Meier, 0.327 acres at 4927 Lake Tree Lane, Western Ridge, Crozet, $389,950.

Parkside I LLC to Marblehead LLC, lot in Glenwood Station, $308,000.


Carolyn Foreman to Lynne C. Richards, 8.899 acres in Rosemont, $275,000.

Deloris Johnson to Citicorp Trust Bank FSB, 2.004 acres at 7122 Johnston Lane, $77,000.

Paige G. Lauster, trustee, to Erick J. and Rachele A. Koenig, 0.164 acres at 1662 Royal Oak Court, Mill Creek Village Homes, $200,000.

Southern Home Builders of Virginia to Vincent J. and Ann J. Fairbrother, 1243 Clay Court, townhouses at Wayland's Grant, $204,900.

Joseph M. and Katherine M. Saverino to Melvyn L. and Nancy L. Grossman, trustees, 0.449 acres at 1631 Gatewick Place, Glenmore, $684,825.

Liberty Land Ltd. to Richard L. Beyer, parcel in Ashcroft, $975,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Thomas W. and Mildred P. Marshall, 0.215 acres at 1279 Redfields Road, Redfields subdivision, $279,364.

Skyline Home Builders LLC to Christopher M. and Lisa A. Bowen, 3.125 acres at 3310 Petal Lane, Rosemont, gift.

Keswick Corporation to Jeffry E. and Janet L. Sterba, 2.140 acres at 776 Club Drive, Keswick Estate, $1,500,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Fredrick L. and Doris L. Crane, 0.499 acres at 3572 Glasgow Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $657,887.

Pierson Properties LLC to Kuljeet Singh, unit in Webland Park condominiums, $189,900.



John P. and Edward A. Mulvihill to William D. Tucker III, William D. Tucker IV, and Steven M. Hunter, 1112 Forest Hills Avenue, $320,000.

Michael T. and Ann J. Holland to Gerard Capone Jr., 2107 Morris Road, $779,000.

John W. Wegner and Crystal D. McGee to Damian White, 1111 Forest Hills Avenue, $173,000.

Leanne E. Winner, executor, to Gary W. and Denise M. Berry, 505 Second Street NE, $529,000.


Isaac Carey Jr. to Carl E. Owens III, 824 Preston Avenue, $146,500.

Francis S. Eways Jr., trustee, to Neighborhood Investments LLC, 1921 Swanson Drive, Northerly subdivision, $460,000.

P. Joanne Fenton and Chris F. Bryan to Max W. Davis, 1616 Inglewood Drive, $118,500.

Thomas A. Szuba Jr. and Elizabeth E. Eberhart to Michael S. O'Laughlen and Reveley A. Lee, 615 Montrose Avenue, $245,000.

Millard B. Norford to Frank Bergland, 708 Levy Avenue, $215,000.

Barbara J. Coyle to David S. and Catherine Lim, 1311 Kenwood Lane, $317,500.

Roy A. Sites to Jeffrey N., Norman L., and Judith A. Jones, 1434 Westwood Road, $225,000.

Francesca Lomonaco to Maris Kalnins, 616 Elizabeth Avenue, $185,000.

Robert and Tasneem Carey to Nathan C. and Lindsay M. Hubbard, 1872 Winston Road, $668,000.

Gerard Capone Jr. to Thomas C. Daniel, 2103 Morris Road, $350,000.

Bradley M. and Kelly F. Clore to Gary C. David, 1516 Cherry Avenue, $225,000.

William R. Carter to F. Daniel McClure, 922 9-l/2 Street NE, $93,158.


Gregory L. and Barbara S. Wells to E. Grant and Barbara H. Cosner, four lots in Riverdale subdivision, $300,000.

Richard D. and Naomi B. Gardner to Edward A. Melton, 1203 Lili Lane, $198,500.

Wayne S. Goodall to Eileen Ann Gallagher, 1810 Winston Road, $460,000.

Michael C. and Lora D. Shifflett to Libby J. Woodson, 710 Orangedale Avenue, $105,000.

Southern Property LLC to Ramya F. Thiagarajah, unit in Burnet Commons, $254,000.

Elmer C. Breeden to Andrew J. and Jennifer Y. Mashburn, 1308 Hampton Street, $163,000.

Susan G. Doughty to Holly M. Hatcher, 211 Meade Avenue, $137,000.

Southern Property LLC to Timothy P. and Linda L. Blair, unit in Burnet Commons, $274,400.


Laura R. Robinson to Tom Hickman, Mark W. and Letitia H. Green, 1108 Preston Avenue, $310,000.

John D. and Carrie Slaughter to Howard and Agnes A. French, 2314 Crestmont Avenue, $214,000.

Paul T. Vesely LLC to Dara K. Querimit, 154 Burnet Street, Burnet Commons, $300,000.

Hilah F. Thomas to Walter F. Heinecke, 1521 Amherst Street, $259,900.

Lori C. Southern to Christina P. Anella and Jay Kuhlman, 219 Azalea Drive, $210,000.

Ava J. Anderson to William M. and Kathleen S. Brown, 2515 Brunswick Road, $415,000.

Jonathan and Amy C. Voorhees to Kabealo I LLC, 1415 Westwood Road, $237,500.



Michael T. and Ann J. Holland to Gerard Capone Jr., 2107 Morris Road, $779,000.