Land not worth the horrors

Thank you for the recent story about what has happened to The McGraths at their Lower Sherwood Farm in Keene [December 16 cover story: "Blenheim brouhaha: She Sherwood like her name back"].

I see Paige McGrath about once a year at our vet's annual Christmas Party which is where we originally met. This year, when I saw her there, my husband and I were both curious to know whether or not she and her family were selling their farm. We had been wanting to move to an equestrian community since we have several horses. However, after learning the truth, we wouldn't want to live there now.

Of course, it won't matter if we don't. We're just one family, and there will be others clamoring to buy at Thomas Sullivan's new subdivison. However, Mr. Sullivan has made it clear that he is not only rude but doesn't care about his neighbors. He can live anywhere with the money he has made. Instead of being grateful, though, and giving back, he seems to only be greedy.

Not every rich person is like that. Albemarle County has been blessed with wealthy families– and those who are not so wealthy– who care enough to make our town a better place to live.

Easy examples include Dave Matthews who saved some of the Kluge Farms from development and also built a nice park across from Yancey Elementary. Patricia Kluge helped obtain grants for Yancey Elementary School's After School Program. John Grisham built an incredible ball park in southern Albemarle for kids. They don't brag about it, and their efforts are appreciated. They show they care.

Mr. Sullivan and realtor Jim Faulconer should be ashamed of themselves. They each owe an apology to The McGraths, and they need to resolve the situation by changing the name of this new subdivision.

The Faulconer firm also owes a huge debt of gratitude to this community where they have not only made their living but also their fortune.

My prediction is that Sullivan and Faulconer will continue to walk all over the little guy, and they will have lots of people behind them who will agree, simply because of the money involved.

It makes me all the happier not to travel in that circle if it's so shallow. Which leaves me with one nagging question: Does the little guy ever win in this country anymore? It could have all been handled so much more nicely.

Diane Moore