Room for all: A vestibule by any other name

If you've got a few thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket and you're considering donating it to the Paramount, then you, too, can have a piece of the theater named in your honor. Consult the list below to see what's already taken. (Board member Michael Gaffney jokes, "I'm getting a switch plate.")

The Mamie Atkinson Jessup and Claude A. Jessup Lobby

Hunter J. Smith Ballroom

Suzanne Jessup Brooks Founders Suite

Diane & Paul Wood Administrative Offices

Bank of America Grand Staircase

BB&T Box Office Vestibule

Count Edward van Selzam Loggia

Bank of America Box Office Vestibule

K.K. & Larry Pearson Usher Room

State Farm Insurance Companies Box Office Window

David T. & Janna O. Gies Box Office Window

Hantzmon, Wiebel & Company Box Office Window

Catherine & Christopher Kramer Box Office Window

Kerri & Jim Scott Marquee

J. Aron Charitable Foundation Box

Mr. & Mrs. C. Wilson McNeely, III Box

Libellule Enterprises, Inc. Box

The Yorkshire Foundation Box

David E. and Colleen C. Martin Grand Lobby Doors

Gail & Jim Faulconer Grand Lobby Doors

James D. & Cynthia B. Stultz Grand Lobby Doors

Jane Ashley & Peter Skinner Grand Lobby Doors

Frank Byers & Jerry Northcutt Grand Lobby Doors

–Laura Parsons