Faves in high places: What part of the Paramount looks best?


Kristen Gleason, Paramount director of community relations: "I really love the paint motif on the barrel vaults in the lobby. The only reason we have that motif is there was one little section leftthey were painted over with redand that was original...it was so close to being lost forever."

David Nobles, project supervisor for Nielson Construction: "All the gold." He was also relieved to see the murals survive the demolition required to excavate the basement. "The murals on the wall are just immaculate."

Donald Leffert, Paramount production manager: "The auditorium itself. Tony Bennett said it best that they just don't build 'em like this anymore. The pure beauty of it."

Alex Caines, Paramount house manager: Caines says it's a toss-up between the lobby's aqua porcelain drinking fountain, known as "the bubbler," and the theater's marquee.

Sandy DeKay, Paramount assistant to the executive director: "The two hand-painted silk tapestries in the auditorium. They have always been the symbol of The Paramount for me. As a child at the movies, I would always stare at them. I just loved them, and I still do."

Chad Hershner, Paramount executive director: "My favorite thing is the silk tapestrieshow they were transformed from what they were. They're just beautiful and exquisite."

Devyn Wildy, 12-year-old Paramount movie-goer: "I like the screening and the surround sound."

–Laura Parsons