Wrong artist; Free venison... with strings, wrong municipality

* Lindsay Michie Eades painted "The Red Shirt" that appears in the First Friday section in the December 2 issue.

* "Bambi Threat: How to avoid free venison" (November 25) reported that deer carcasses on the side of the road are fair game. In fact, only the person who hits the deer has a legal right to it– and that's after reporting the incident, according to Albemarle Game Warden Steve Ferguson. Anyone else interested in road-kill venison must first report the carcass to the police and have a game tag, says Ferguson. Otherwise, just loading up the carcass risks a possession-of-illegal-deer charge, a Class 3 misdemeanor.

* A letter in the December 23 edition posted the wrong jurisdiction of the author and omitted his email address. John Giuliano– who alleged that the CIA leafleted the JPA neighborhood– lives in Albemarle County, and his email mail johngiul@netscape.net.