Hot Seat Secrets: We asked, they told...


You just never know what dark secrets and scintillating surprises people keep hidden. From a double-jointed tongue to streaking while pregnant to deals with the devil, our 2004 Hot Seat sitters kept us guessing all year...


 FRANK MCCUE made a name for himself as a sports medicine doc– think UVA's McCue Sports Center– but he's willing to throw caution to the wind to indulge in his favorite comfort food: Riverside's cheeseburger deluxe.


 If JOHN MCCUTCHEON could change one thing about himself, he'd make a clone so he could get more done. Now that would be a Grammy-winning duet!


 As president of the Staff Union at UVA, 54-year-old JAN CORNELL has no trouble finding issues to champion. Four years ago, however, she found something a bit more personal than workers' rights: her birth mother.


 Every day is a juggling act for new mayor and chiropractor DAVID BROWN, but who knew he can also ride a unicycle?


 City Councilor KENDRA HAMILTON is a woman of hidden talents. She can do the Texas two-step and the cotton-eyed Joe. She gave up the piano in college, however, to pursue another interest: boys.


 When people say, "It's for the birds," City Councilor KEVIN LYNCH knows exactly what they're talking about. He and a girlfriend were given a "whopping fine" for sleeping one night in a Florida bird sanctuary.


 Virginia Festival of the Book director NANCY DAMON didn't learn to drive until she was 34. Maybe she was too busy reading?


 PEPPY LINDEN, the energetic director of the Virginia Discovery Museum, says people are always asking about her first name. "It's my real name, it's Hungarian, and I was never a cheerleader," she replies.


 When he's not busy free-ing up expression, BOB O'NEIL, director of the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Freedom of Expression, enjoys sporting around in his 1928 Ford Model A Phaeton.


She's proud to have conducted hundreds of CHS students in the school's award-winning orchestra, but the secret dream of LAURA MULLIGAN THOMAS is jamming with the Dave Matthews Band.


 What political spouse does Governor Mark Warner's wife LISA COLLIS admire? No, it's not Hillary, Laura, or Barbara. Abigail Adams gets her vote.


 He's best known for his passionate playing, but DMB violinist BOYD TINSLEY has also garnered honors for speaking. He won a state championship for reading prose in high school.


 When he returned to his alma mater to deliver the keynote speech at UVA's 2004 commencement exercises, football sensation TIKI BARBER delivered a bombshell: he's actually a "computer geek."


HUGH WILSON has directed movie hits, but when it comes time to get a cartoon laugh, he turns to those '90s icons of sleazy slackerdom, Beavis and Butthead.


 What do Dems LLOYD SNOOK, chair of Charlottesville's Democratic party, and GEORGE LOPER, the man behind local news site, have in common? Back in 1964 both men backed Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.


 Maybe his reading preferences have something to do with his winning record as head coach of UVA baseball. BRIAN O'CONNOR's favorite book is Sun-Tzu's The Art of War.


 Though he drives a BMW around town and races cars as a hobby, developer OLIVER KUTTNER has a surprising take on ever-rising gas prices. "I think it should be $5 a gallon," says this proponent of small fuel-efficient cars.


As lead singer of Big Ray and the Kool Kats, RAY CADDELL has reached far more than a local audience. He's performed in 40 states and a dozen foreign countries.


 Long before she became director of the Albemarle County Fair, BARBARA SHIFFLETT (now LUNDGREN) had an embarrassing moment at a festive event. She fell into the apple-bobbing tub during her second grade Halloween parade.


 Daedalus Book Shop owner SANDY MCADAMS doesn't hold Bill Clinton's personal transgressions against him– in fact, he admires the former president more than anyone else. "That one little error he made," McAdams says. "I would think that's why you'd want to be president."


 JOHN CONOVER has worked plenty of muscles in his role as co-founder of the Rivanna Trail Foundation, but his "double jointed tongue" may be more useful when the Legal Aid lawyer argues cases before a judge.


 ED HOWELL is reveling now in his role as CEO of UVA Medical Center, but his biggest regret is not going to Princeton as an undergrad.


 After the stress of the November presidential election, Charlottesville voter registrar SHERI IACHETTA may have turned to her favorite comfort foods– Cabernet Sauvignon and cheese.


 Former head of UVA athletics TERRY HOLLAND once had the cops called on him by his own mother. It seems Holland tossed a cat on his lawn-mowing brother's bare back, starting a knock-down drag-out.


 Petite, pretty, and talented singer/songwriter TERRI ALLARD would like to grow a foot and have short, graying curly hair as evidenced by her Walter Mitty fantasy. She wants to be Coran Capshaw!


 Many believe only God can control the weather, but PAT MICHAELS, director of the State Climatology Office at UVA, would turn to the dark side to get his wish. "I would make a deal with the devil to be alive in 2100," he jokes.


 Filmmaker PAUL WAGNER knew his work had hit a nerve when his picture was posted in the office of the Chinese secret police in Lhasa, Tibet during the 1999 filming of his documentary, Windhorse.


 These days ELIZABETH BREEDEN promotes public art through the nonprofit Art-In-Place, but her experience with public displays goes a bit (skin)deeper. Once, when she was eight months pregnant, she streaked a good friend's wedding.


 As executive director of the Paramount Theater, CHAD HERSHNER works mostly behind the scenes. But if called upon he could take the stage as an Elvis impersonator, a role he used to play at birthday parties.