Leaflets came from CIA

The recent article, "Leafleting: Looking for a few white separatists" [News, December 9, 2004] alerted me that the CIA conducted a psychological operation in Charlottesville. Flyers were distributed presenting credible arguments against government policy in the style of hate speech. There's a name for this: counterintelligence.

Based on cause and effect, counterintelligence is useful in suppressing opposition by craftily portraying legitimate dissent as hate speech. When people receive literature criticizing U.S. policy toward Israel in a hateful manner, using slogans like "Let's deport these arrogant Jews" (cause), it elicits sympathy for Jews (effect).

The federal government has indeed siphoned billions of dollars from our national treasury to Israel. This money belonged to U.S. taxpayers. Neither famine, epidemic, nor genocide exists in Israel. Some nations have all three and receive millions. Israel receives billions.

Many in Charlottesville are questioning the influence of Zionism on U.S. foreign policy and the inappropriate labeling of this criticism as "anti-Semitism." The government seeks to keep this "silent majority" silent and to make it appear as if those who do speak up are with a "hate group" linked to Timothy McVeigh, Neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan. And from Hillsboro, West Virginia. The CIA isn't stupid.

Intelligence agents don't sign their propaganda. But their signature is all over it. It's all over 9/11 too. People are waking up.

John Giuliano