Injury requires stupidity

I read with interest your reporting on the razor wire case [Cover story, "Slashed: Presley's razor wire claims collateral damage," December 9, 2004] and the property rights of Shirley Presley. Razor wire can cut, but it can't cut without the "victim's" cooperation. The cases outlined were of people who intentionally ignored the signs and then compounded their trespass with acts of utter stupidity.

It is immediately apparent to all but the totally brain dead that one doesn't simply climb through or leap over razor wire.

Perhaps the most absurd comment came from the woman who shrieked "I'm from California and we believe in freedom." In fact, she didn't mean that at all. What she meant was that the rights of Presley should be stripped from her so that hysterical woman could bike on someone else's property. That is not freedom; that is theft.

Jim Peron
Auckland, New Zealand