2005 Resolutions



My resolution for 2005 is...


 Kenneth Jackson
"...to come back stronger and better."


 Elizabeth Breeden
"...David says I should resolve to stop telling him and the kids what to do... but what's the point of that?"


 George Bailey
"...to dedicate more time to helping people in need."


 Teri Allard
"...to live more in the moment and appreciate small wonders!"


Lloyd Snook
"...to clean my office. (Remember that I listed "neatness" as the most over-rated virtue.)"


Bruce and Roberta Williamson
"...to make Charlottesville into a hockey and skating town!"


John Conover
"...to prove that whiskey and beer are not carcinogenic."


 Sandy McAdams
"...to stay open in spite of the City's efforts to close us with soaring real estate taxes and plummeting parking."


 David Brown
"...to do a better job of returning phone calls promptly."