They're Nice, dad moved, Eades painted, and only drivers get the deer

* In Mark Grabowski's December 9 Music Review, " King of the Corner?: A room right for rockin'," the bands that performed with Travis Elliott at the Satellite Ballroom on December 3 were misnamed. They were the Vacations and The Nice Jenkins. The latter is a six-piece combo made up of a singer/guitarist, trumpet player, lead guitarist, drummer, bassist, and keyboardist.

* In the December 9 news story, "Teen mom murder," parent Henry Hickman's dwelling was mislocated. He is a former Glenmore resident. Also, the victim's schooling should be clarified: Azlee Hickman left Covenant School to enroll in Monticello High School.

* Lindsay Michie Eades painted "The Red Shirt" that appears in the First Friday section in the November 25 issue.

* "Bambi Threat: How to avoid free venison" (November 25) reported that deer carcasses on the side of the road are fair game. In fact, only the person who hits the deer has a legal right to it– and that's after reporting the incident, according to Albemarle Game Warden Steve Ferguson. Anyone else interested in road-kill venison must first report the carcass to the police and have a game tag, says Ferguson. Otherwise, just loading up the carcass risks a possession-of-illegal-deer charge, a Class 3 misdemeanor.