Joey K. Lockhart and Lauren Sue Ash to Wallace C. Dowell and Antoinette R. Thomas, 0.186 acres at 831 Harris Road, Willoughby, $243,000.

Evergreen Land Company to Wendell W. Gibson Inc., parcel in Mosby Mountain subdivision, $155,000.

B. and Helen Richardson, trustee, to Harriet S. Handsfield, 1283 Branchlands Drive, Branchlands Retirement Village, $167,500.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Landon D. Birckhead III, 2.585 acres at 2648 Cardinal Ridge Road, Whippoorwill Hollow, $125,875.

Kostich Construction Inc. to Yutaka Nogami and Tomiko Inui, 385 Bayberry Way, Deerwood, $299,350.

Tuckedaway LLC to David L. and Susan E. Powers, Mountain Harvest Farm, $425,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to Thomas A. and Grace H. Shin, 0.093 acres at 117 Boxwood Court, Village Homes II, Mill Creek, $245,360.

Fred M. Trainor and Melissa M. Russell to Dean S. and Debra Lee Edell, 21 acres at Blandemar Farm Estates, $500,000.

Evergreen Land Co. to Craig Enterprises Inc., two lots at Mosby Mountain, $160,000.

Legend Development Co. to Sterling L. and Jutta U. Brubaker, 1527 Edmond Drive, Wayland's Grant, Crozet, $288,925.

Stephen D. and Dana T. Patek to Larry M. Weber, 0.381 acres at 83 Mill Creek Court, Mill Creek North, $233,000.

Lee Stevens and Ivy Saxe to Rebecca L. Helwig and Dennis J. Tracz, 2.329 acres at 1420 Villaverde Lane, Auburn hills, $282,000.


Evergreen Land Company LLC to Contracting Services Inc., lot at Mosby Mountain, $155,000.

Elwood Wade Sandridge to Church Hill Development Co., parcels, $295,000.

Douglas E. Layton to Kristine M. Peterson, 986 Towne Lane, Village Square, $170,000.

Harold J. and Norma R. Huddleston to Edward T. Flanagan, 0.504 acres at 5422 Union Mission Lane, Crozet, $80,000.

Craig Enterprises to Morris G. and Sarah Diane Sahr, 0.235 acres at 1285 Courtyard Drive, Redfields, $278,782.

Thomas M. R. Mayo II to John R. V. Mayo, 0.36 acres at 4238 Burton Road, North Garden, gift.

Ivy Creek LLC to Two Stumbling Brandos LLC and R. Coran Capshaw, 62.81 acres at 1000 Ivy Creek Drive, $9,000,000.

Wade Apartments LLC to Ronald M. Keeney, 90 Whitewood Road, Sachem Village, $300,000.

Medallion Enterprises LLC to Edward J. and Ellen M. Knightly, 0.795 acres at 3674 Newbridge Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $810,000.

John A. and Carol A. March to Robert A. Kuemmerling and Terri L. Thornsvard, 0.726 acres at 1398 Queenscroft, Glenmore, Keswick, $650,000.


Betty Perry Glass to Virginia Department of Transportation, lot 14, $6,000.

Robert J. Kroner, trustee, to Martin Schmidt, 224.67 acres at 2556 James River Road, Spring Valley Farm, Howardsville, $363,500.

Robert D. and Sara M. Templeman to Earl Jorgensen, 0.511 acres at 1265 River Chase Lane, Riverchase of Dunlora, $442,000.

Gerald R. Thomas to Tait S. Livingood, 0.104 acres at 3413 Moubry Lane, Forest Ridge, $238,000.

David W. and Gloria B. Shifflett to Amy and David W. Shifflett Jr., 0.433 acres at 2084 Linlier Court, Forest Lakes, $425,000.

David G. and Jennifer L. Robinson to Travis T. Dotson and Kimberly D. Price, 7.140 acres at 5678 Alberene Road, North Garden, $73,900.

David G. Robinson to Travis T. Dotson, 2.22 acres at 5678 Alberene Road, North Garden, $100,000.

Albemarle Investments LLC to Daniel M. and Martha P. Frakes, 3.364 acres at 3510 Montgomery Lane, Langford Farms, $596,236.

Russell C. and Linda E. Childs to Linda E. Childs, 2.0 acres at 4066 Burnley Station Road, Barboursville, gift.

Thornbrick Development LLC to Peter L. Reines, parcel in Bargamin Park subdivision, White Hall, $215,000.

Lester H. and Joyce A. Hensley to Joey D. and Kristy A. Herring, 2.001 acres at 3852 Blenheim Road, Blenwood, $110,000.


Ivy Creek LLC to Kay F. Bechtel, trustee, 21.0 acres, $2,600,000.

Equity Trust Co. custodian, to Robert F. Johnson, lot in Green Fields Farm, $299,000.

Robert M. Trump to Thomas W. Desimini, 0.066 acres at 3321 Worth Crossing, Forest Lakes townhouses, $185,000.

Jean A. Watkins to Canterbury Building Co., 13.968 acres on Gordonsville Road, $225,000.

Henry B. and Antoinette W. Suydam, trustees, to George W. and Mary K. Niebuhr, 5.01 acres at 5260 Markwood Road, Backyard Stables, $295,000.

David J. and Kristi K. Fafara to William G. Smyth, 1059 Towne Lane, Village Square, $204,000.

William T. and Karen E. Grant to Litz H. and Jacqueline D. VanDyke, 2205 Piper Way, Glenmore, Keswick, $765,000.

Powel A. and Yuliya V. Crosley to Dmytro and Yuliya Havaleshko, unit in Overlook condominiums, 396 South Pantops Drive, $150,000.


Therese R. Elliott, trustee, to Edward Delarosa and Anne B. Ternes, 3.523 acres at 520 Loblolly Lane, Spring Hill, $710,000.

David and Barbara B. Rood to Yong Ou and Son Kai Kou, 0.282 acres at1801 Hearthglow Lane, Fieldbrook, $272,500.

Kessler Financial Group Ltd. to Jeanette A. McGrath and Steven J. Weller, 0.285 acres at 3322 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $424,529.

Fitz LLC to Tyler Brooks, 8.18 acres at Hidden Acres, Earlysville, $135,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Wesley D. and Betsy R. Carr, 0.166 acres at 5581 Stonegate Lane, Stonegate at Western Ridge, Crozet, $295,799.

Philistine Rush to Thomas A. and Philistine Davis, 2.0 acres at 8097 Chestnut Grove Road, Esmont, gift.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to Ray L. and Christine C. Lawson, 0.390 acres at 1412 Cedarwood Court, Redfields, $331,232.

Barbara G. Lowe to John C. Robins and C. Renee Lundgren, 4.615 acres at 9342 Chestnut Grove, Esmont, $235,000.

Ivy Creek LLC to Brook Farm Lane LLC, 4.62 acres at Zack Lane, Ivy Creek, $895,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to James M. Fraser, 2.3 acres at 3905 Creekwood Place, Walnut Hills, Earlysville, $715,000.

Anne M. Novak to J. Lynne and Noah H. Bradley III, 11.796 acres at Advance Mills, $245,000.

Hunter E. Craig Co. to Church Hill Development Co., lot in Foxcroft, $40,000.

Evergreen Land Company to Gaffney Homes LLC, parcel in Mosby Mountain, $80,000.

Brandermill Investments Inc. to Carlo Hontiveros, 3342 Arbor Terrance, Forest Lakes Townhouses, $210,000.


June A. and Frederick E. West III to Mollie B. and William V. Krebs Jr., 0.529 acres at 1879 Graham Court, Glenmore, Keswick, $425,000.

Harold Francis Meade to L&K LLC, 10.46 acres in White Hall magisterial district, $285,000.

Amy Marie O'Neal to Toby L. and Joan P. Goode, 2.028 acres at 4011 Richmond Road, $176,000.

Jackie and Nathan Syrkes to Zeljko and Santa Matic, 2308 Finch Court, Briarwood, $184,900.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Peter J. Licata, 2.021 acres at 4230 Redwood Lane, Walnut Hills, $580,000.

Todd P. and Deanna C. Graff to Polly P. McConnell, 5.0 acres at 6291 Midway Road, Yellow Mountain, White Hall magisterial district, $295,000.

John F. and Janet E. Dolzer to Mark A. and Jennifer R. Fontenot, 2927 Brookmere Road, Woodbrook, $290,000.

James S. and May Lay Fu, trustees, to Ivytree LLC, 13.2 acres in Samuel Miller Magisterial District, $55,000.

Ralph E. Main Jr., trustee, to Virginia Outdoors Foundation, 385.86 acres on Fox Mountain Road, gift.

James E. Phelan to Virginia Outdoors Foundation, 61.501 acres on State Route 668, White Hall, gift.


Brenda S. VanPelt to Grace A. Tonkin, lot in RiverRun, $179,000.

Dona Matera to End IRA Inc., unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $151,500.

Thornbrick Development LLC to Brenda D. Tuttle, 1725 Albemarle Pippin Court, Bargamin Park, $224,500.

Erik J. Matusek to David F. and Kristi F. Fafara, 687 Victorian Court, Village Square, $258,500.

Charles W. Cowen to Robert E. and Melanie K. Fechner, 0.393 acres at 1428 Quail Crossing, Mill Creek, $233,000.

William N.P. and Marsha T. Herbert to Daniel M. and Lynn M. Dick, 0.471 acres at 3188 Wallingford Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $675,000.

Lee P. Whitcomb Jr. to G III LLC, 2.006 acres, $183,000.

Pierson Properties LLC to Christopher R. Standridge, unit in Webland Park condominiums, 1806 Webland Terrace, $194,900.

Richard S. and Ann Bohr Benner to Mountainside House LLC, 5.0 acres in Miran Forest, $295,000.


James F. and Nancy C. Maley to Claus W. and Velma A. Reichle, 0.191 acres at 1278 Townbrook Crossing, Dunlora, $369,000.

Edmond T. Fritz to Aaron W. Cooke, 5.197 acres, $247,500.

Joseph J. and Ernestine J. Boyce to Shirley D. Henderson, 3590 Pine Wood Drive in Magruder subdivision, gift.

Liberty Land Ltd. to William K. and Victoria Z. Brown, 1.016 acres at 1763 Locust Shade Lane, Ashcroft, $694,950.

Church Hill Development LLC to Richard and Hilary M. Sibert, 0.179 acres at 360 Bayberry Way, Deerwood, $284,000.

John Flevarakis to VanDerLinde Housing Inc., lot in Still Meadow, $555,550.

Deborah H. Fraser to Ellen J. Bass, 1795 Franklin Drive, Franklin, $30,000.

Thomas A. and Elizabeth Wavering to Michael K. Wright, 0.281 acres at 3147 Crossfield Lane, Forest Lakes, $222,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to Justin D. and Gina S. Anderson, 0.122 acres at115 Boxwood Court, Village Homes, $232,940.

Joseph V. and Debra A. Calabretta to Danith B. and Johnny T. Flanagan Jr., 3.261 acres at 620 Spring Lake Drive, Windrift, Earlysville, $386,000.

James O. and Eliza J. Ballard to Timothy B. and Jennifer C. R. O'Neill, 0.253 acres at 968 Liberty Oaks Court, Raintree, $254,900.

Grayrock LLC to Church Hill Development Co., parcel in Grayrock, $253,787.

Big Deal


Ivy Creek LLC to Two Stumbling Brandos LLC and R. Coran Capshaw, 62.81 acres at 1000 Ivy Creek Drive, $9,000,000.