Doc's a winner!

I had to write to tell you as a faithful reader of The Hook how much I enjoy your new columnist, John Hong, MD, under the heading of "Dr. Hook."

He is so interesting and individualistic, yet so medically memorable, that his columns are worth cutting out for the re-enjoyment value. He inspires one to take him to heart.

I loved "Gobble, hobble: Health perils of the holidays" [November 4]. He is unexpectedly pleasing, as when he writes of a rich buffet and then adds, "Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!" An apt counterpoint to surfeit.

Please keep him on and disregard the critic in the last issue. Excellence in anything excites nitpicking from envious onlookers, unfortunately. Reading him is like listening to a humorous, caring physician with lots of time to talk, speaking off-the-cuff.

Dr. Hong has his own style; I would recognize a column of his anywhere. The Hook has snagged a winner. I now turn to "Dr. Hook" first. Perhaps The Hook will be the genesis of a national column.

Margaret Shank