Jean W. Gillet to Michael C. and Merta E. Platt, 2000 Greenbrier Drive, $293,000.

Jay R. and Susan Y. Perry to Bryna C., John P.D., and Mary C. Shemo, 101 Robinson Woods, $370,000.

Robert S. and Bernardita R. Walsh to Lesley C. Fore, 1420 Oxford Road, $252,400.

Fifth Street Development LLC to Darcy J. Sanderson, 211 Fifth Street SW, #104 Oak Grove Cottages, $140,000.

Shirley Talbert to John W. and Sandra S. Wilkinson and Ronald M. and Rita J. Lackey, 1601 Antoinette Avenue, $125,000.

Charles L. and Susan C. Weber to David O'Kano, 105 Westerly Avenue, $268,000.

Suzanne M. Turner to Yvonne R. Winfrey, 970 Rock Creek Road, Orangedale, $87,500.

Belmont Loft Company LLC to Church Hill Development LLC, condominium unit #2, 202 Douglas Avenue, $143,000.

Olin and Joan A. Williams to Charlottesville Abundant Life Ministries Inc., 991 Fifth Street SW, $150,000.


David and Kathleen Didden to Christian McMillen and Stephanie Tatel, 104 Kelsey Court, $346,500.

Gregory J. Dobrasz and Emily Joy Taylor to David M. James and Robert M. Hockaday, 2215 Banbury Street, $233,000.

Branch Banking & Trust Co., trustee of the estate of James N. Fleming, to Rose Hill Development LLC, four lots at 800 Rose Hill Drive and 802 Cynthianna Avenue, $1,149,900.

David R. and Julie M. Jones to Edwin R. and Virginia P. Barber, 1866 Winston Road, $685,000.


Sandra W. Everton, trustee, to Castlewood LLC, two lots on East High Street, gift.

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Central Virginia Inc. to Giant Seminole Ltd, 11.5 percent interest in 8.299 acres on Emmet Street, $322,100.


Delinda and Holly L. Hueston to Susan D. Moss, 906 Martin Street, $278,000.


Bradford R. and Jennifer E. McCarthy to Gertner LLC, 113 Piedmont Avenue North, $284,000.


Dolores Dwyer to Amy Lynn Glines, 1022 Sheridan Avenue, $151,000.

Elkhorn Road LLC to Michael W. and Alice J. Kelly, 114 Elkhorn Road, gift.

Sandra B. Pardue to David and Anita Gayle Pardue, 2732 McElroy Drive, Jefferson Woods, $205,000.

Nathaniel D. Smith to Piedmont Housing Alliance, 233 Fourth Street SW, $55,000.

Dennis D. and Deborah M. Keener to Alan L., Curtis D., and Loren L. Maughlin, 210 Raymond Avenue, $249,000.

Darren and Rosario Barry to Jessica H. Liken, 200 Azalea Drive, $237,000.

R. & I. Buildings Co. to Gregory A. and Shannon C. and Karen D. Horridge, 510 14th Street, $295,000.

Joe Mallory to Angus Arrington IV, 602 Sixth Street SE, $55,000.

Marcia J. McDuffie to Hagai Nassau and Sarah E. Reynolds, 1202 Cherry Avenue, $136,000.


Sommers Draper and Amanda Duley to Eric F. Anderson, 304 Mobile Lane, $205,000.

Vernon G. Sullivan to Lawrence M. and Janice C. Jones, 301 Middleton Lane, $127,700.

Betty B. Payne to David J. Lunardini, 1204 Grove Street, $165,000.

Cary N. Newman to Rosemaria B. Bell, 311 Seventh Street SW, $40,000.

Brenda B. Kirby to Davor and Zinka Pavlic, 519 Moseley Drive, $220,000.

A. Susan Folger to Kevin and Julie Tran, 1012 Blenheim Avenue, $146,000.


Michael A. Miller and Willa B. Baker to Andrew R. and Melissa A. Batchelet, 125 Birdwood Court, $175,000.

Leslie A. Rahuba to Moody Family LLC, 209 Cleveland Avenue, $234,500.

Community Services Housing Inc. to Spruce Manor Housing Inc., 309 Spring Street, $121,600.

Helen Attardi to Lillian A. Robertson, 930 St. Charles Avenue, gift.

Teresa W. Lockard to Victor M. and Eileen Chieco, 1318 Rose Hill Drive, $290,000.

Vernon G. Sullivan to Thomas A. and Colleen D. Bucher, 104 Harris Rod, $215,000.

Anthony C. and Julie V. Gee to Teresa W. Lockard, 1006 Rugby Road, $540,000.

Denwood T. and Juanita M. Milby, executors, to Charles A. Patrizia Jr. and Lisa T. Mondoro, 713 Village Road, $179,900.


Thomas and Deborah Parker to Sommers Draper, 618 Elizabeth Avenue, $199,900.

Marie M. Bourgeoise III to Margareta M. Bourgeoise, a 41.6 percent interest in 876 Bromley Road, $100,000.

Hollis Coles to Winthrop W. and Beatrice C. Sargent, 817 Henry Avenue, $129,000.

George E. and Carol R. Gill to Paul N. and Christie R. Walker, 1864 Field Road, $420,000.

Henry J. and Katherine A. Kany to B. Rydell Payne, 747 Orangedale Avenue, $72,775, and 765 Prospect Avenue, $71,500.

Caroline and Lynwood O. Gentry Jr. to Travis and Melissa-McKinney, 1526 Trailridge Road, $237,000.

Donald R. and Elizabeth R. Cecil to Veliky LLC, 358 14th Street NW, $400,000.

Timothy F. Scruggs to Valerie A. Cornwall, 2523 Woodland Drive, $209,000.

Gary W. Gallagher to Rinehart Construction Ltd., 0.530 acres at Meadowbrook Hills subdivision, $85,000.

Hilda S. Nordenson to Donald B. Redmond, 1516 Broad Street, $184,000.

Treva E. Kirk to Paul J. Muhlberger, 414 Arbor Circle, $174,000.

Thomas P. and Meghan W. Wallace to Usha Kumra, 111 Danbury Court, $172,500.


Charles S. and Carolyn C. Martin to Neighborhood Investments LLC, parcel in Longwood Park subdivision, $132,000.

Westwood Associates LLC to John D. Bowen IV and Richard J. Robertson, unit in Druid Hill Residences, 1105 Druid Avenue, $184,300.

Fernando E. Garay to 2100 Jefferson Park Avenue LLC, condominium unit in 2100 Jefferson Park condominiums, $128,000.



Brandermill Investments Inc. to Susan C. Simches, 1302 Wimbledon Way, $189,900.

Ryan P. and Meslissa K. Bobko to Mona Griswold, 91 Georgetown Green, $200,000.

Debroah L. Dabney to Jennifer Forrer, 2.001 acres at 6804 Albevanna Springs Road, Scottsville, $142,000.

James River Real Estate Inc. to Elizabeth M. Flynn, 2.387 acres at 7568 Moonshadow Lane, Scottsville, $224,900.

James E. Skeen to Rizwan H. and Aamra Ahmad Kirmani, 1184 Rustic Willow Lane, Forest Lakes South, $250,000.

Daniel C. and Kathleen G. Bowman to Mark R. and Stephanie S. Osada, 3.130 acres at 1035 West Leigh Drive, West Leigh, $440,000.

David and Wanda Shifflett to William A. and Wanda M. Snead, 1.113 acres on State Route 789, 5624 Park Road, Crozet, $25,000.

Meredith C. Leake to Linda F. Shaw and Eva N. Wilson, 0.33 acres at 4175 Dickerson Road, $3,500.

John J. and Elizabeth G. Carrier, trustees, to Elisabeth J. Groninger, 4.27 acres on State Route 688, 6341 Midway Road, $795,000.

Redlands LLC to John J. Carrier, 1300 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechums River, $262,500.

Brian J. Donato to Boyd A. Burgoyne, 2.0 acres, $95,000.

Westwood Associates LLC to Church Hill Development Co., two lots in Foxcroft, $154,000.

Mryna A. White to Brian M. and Trisha D. Trotta, unit in Solomon Court condominiums, 2517 Hydraulic Road, $94,500.

Robert M. Hauser and T. Blake Hurt to Gregory S. and Rara S. Shiflett, 1339 Wimbledon Way, RiverRun, $219,000.

Peter E. and Susan A. McNally to Relocation Dynamics Inc., lot in Fontana, $455,000.

Relocation Dynamics Inc. to Richard and Maria E. Nootbaar, 0.336 acres at 1086 Olympia Drive, Fontana, $455,000.

Church Hill Development Co. to Steven J. and Jean T. Momorella, 0.931 acres at 4923 Lake Tree Lane, Foxchase, $210,000.

Douglas G. and Deborah D. Kingma to Joan M. McGovern, 4.227 acres at 3000 Milton Village Lane, Milton Village, $1,250,000.

Handbilt Homes Inc. to Christopher A. and Sandra B. Blahm, 0.505 acres at 935 King Wiliam Drive, Dunlora, $549,950.

Steven R. Miller and Janet Faye Chrismore to Zheng and Lu Wang Fu, 3228 Gateway Circle, $195,500.

Randolph and Erin R. Swansiger to Yong I. and Iryung H. Kim, 1064 Bristlecone Lane, Forest Lakes South, $229,000.

Amy Tsay to Mustafa and Indira Nalic, 426 Wynridge Drive, Minor Townhouses, $205,000.

Raymond E. Clarke IV to William B. and Anne K. Holland, 233 Buttercup Lane, Lake Reynovia, $270,000.

Helen Y. and Robert Lee. Brown, trustees, to Michael A. and Kristina M. Caplin, 2.085 acres at 317 Rivanwood Place, Rivanwood, $700,000.

W. R. Barksdale Jr. to Square LLC, 0.060 acres at 5785 The Square, Crozet, $215,000.

James F. Mulligan and Jenifer L. Condit to Dean William and Diane D. Krehmeyer, 106 Sturbridge Road, Hessian Hills, $484,000.

Rio West LLC to Anthony A. and Karen T. Valente, 0.8458 acres at 820 Woodbrook Drive, gift.

R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to Joey K. Lockhart and Lauren S. Ashley, 1442 Cedarwood Court, Redfields, $337,549.

Big Deal


Douglas G. and Deborah D. Kingma to Joan M. McGovern, 4.227 acres at 3000 Milton Village Lane, Milton Village, $1,250,000.