Walk somewhere else

How could anyone, anywhere in these United States, fault a person for not wanting people trespassing on his or her land? ["Widow's peak: City's Rivanna Trail case crumbles," November 4]

It is amazing to me, the cavalier attitude of hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts, toward the property of others. They seem to think that because they are the type to spontaneously jump up and hug a tree, they should have access to all of them, regardless on whose property the trees grow.

I'll be willing to bet a good pair of hiking boots that if an unending line of strangers, with and without dogs, went parading through their yards on any given day, that they'd be screaming till their Pendleton shirts popped their buttons.

Mrs. Presley deserves to be left alone and remain secure on her own land, which is her Constitutional right. It's a big world; walk somewhere else.

Jan Bartlett