Democrats harass Presley

[Re: "Widow's peak: City's Rivanna Trail case crumbles," November 4]:

It's not surprising to me that America filled our government with Republicans including the office of the president this past election day.

As a Democrat, I am totally disgusted by the way this "world class city" and its overwhelmingly Democratic government has treated one of our citizens, Mrs. Shirley Presley, who recently lost her husband, a veteran of both the Koreas and Vietnam wars and who was wounded fighting for our freedoms.

They have badgered, bullied, and harassed her, the very demographic this city claims to be so concerned about: property owning, taxpaying, local residents.

I, for one, will not be voting Democrat in the next city council election, and will do all I can to remind people (when election time rolls around) how this world class city has treated one of its own.

And your headline "Widow's peak"? Is this the way we treat a widow of one of our veterans?

Mrs. J. Suter