Any given Saturday: Fun with feasts and first downs

There's just no denying it. Charlottesville is a red-blooded American football town. No matter how snobby the country club goers get or how sloppy the country folk get, everyone gets together to rally behind UVA at every home game. It's truly a massive spectacle and almost incomprehensible when you stare into a sea of some 61,500 or so screaming Wahoos.

On November 6, UVA faced off against Maryland, their new national "rivals," and spanked them 16-0 by scoring 13 in the second quarter and a field goal in the third. Many fans considered the game a warm-up for the upcoming big one against the University of Miami Hurricanes, a new addition to the ACC.

What would a football game be without tailgating? In the same way some kids go to a movie just to see the trailer for a new Star Wars film, many people go to games just to tailgate. The smell of burgers, hot dogs, and sausage wafts around the parking lots hours before the team bus arrives.

And, as Jim Carrey as Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber says, "the beer flows like wine," when JPA and the Stadium Road area become a giant Bourbon Street.

But hey, it's football, so it's cool.

Chip Earle enjoys a frosty brew outside Bryant Hall.

A green field of blood, sweat, tears, and money

Jon Bright shows off his meat.

Cavalier gains bring the fans to their feet.