Minority report: Hokies in Hoo'ville


The background


In recent weeks, Matchmaker has set people up for a variety of reasons: They were both liberal. They were both conservative. They were both extra tall. They both spent summers in Bolivia. In the end, the process can be kind of random. After all, what can you really know about a person from an email or two?

Well, it didn't take long to find the common ground for this week's challengers. Twenty-four-year-old Meghan is a petite blond ballerina who works in marketing. She loves cooking, gardening, and the outdoors, as well as plants and animals. A Virginia Tech alum, she's a huge Hokies fan.

So imagine Matchmaker's delight when 30-year-old Virginia Tech grad Don suddenly appeared. Don likes traveling and staying active and is looking for someone intelligent and confident.

C'mon. Two Hokies in Hooville, both of them looking for love? What are the chances?! Will they do the Hokie pokey? Will they turn themselves around? Read on to see. After all, that's what it's all about!


The Date


Don and Meghan met at West Main: A Virginian Restaurant on West Main Street.


Were you first or second to arrive?


Meghan: Second

Don: First. Meghan arrived about 10 minutes later.


Were you nervous?


Meghan: No, I'm not a nervous person. I guess being on stage all my life helps with that one.

Don: I was not nervous. I was looking forward to meeting her.


First impression:


Meghan: He was intelligent and had an upbeat personality, which I look for. He was a bit older than someone I would normally date. I wanted to try to go outside my box a little.

Don: I thought she was very attractive. We both greeted each other with a big smile. We had no problem at all carrying on a conversation.


What was your date wearing?


Meghan: Typical guy style with no questionable frills like some. He was wearing a button-down shirt and slacks. He mentioned coming straight from work and not changing.

Don: She was wearing a dark colored shirt with gray pants.


Did you order drinks?


Meghan: I had glass of Virginia Chardonnay– can't remember the brand. Yummy.

Don: A Coke.


What did you eat?


Meghan: For an appetizer we had bruschetta with fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and roasted red peppers. It was light and fresh. The bread wasn't too crispy, and the portions were good size. For an entree, I had crab cakes. The vegetables included Brussels sprouts. Who in their right mind eats Brussels sprouts? The server mentioned the hurricanes making zucchini and squash hard to come by. Understandable, but I could think of a better vegetable than Brussels sprouts.

Don: The food was very good. The bruschetta was probably the best I have ever had.


What did you talk about?


Meghan: Being a talker, I was excited to find Don a talker as well. Our conversation started the moment I arrived and didn't stop until the end. We talked about anything and everything from the fabulous Hokie football team to childhood memories.

Don: We talked about work. We talked about what we liked to do in our spare time. We talked about college since we went to the same school. We talked about sports.


Did you have a lot in common?


Meghan: We are both VaTech grads and enjoy watching college football. We both have experience working in a grocery store.

Don: I thought we had a lot in common.


What did you find out that was interesting about this person?


Meghan: His family had a very hard time when he was a young child growing up in a coalmine town in West Virginia. His father was a mineworker, and when the coal company left the area, the town was left with no running water, among other hardships. Don had to travel far away to an aunt's house in another county just to take a shower. This experience has made him appreciate the many little things so many of us take for granted.

Don: She's interested in possibly opening a dance studio one day. She has been dancing since she was two.


Was there anything you found out that you really liked?


Meghan: I liked how honest and humble he was. He really has an appreciation for life, and he has goals.

Don: I was very impressed with the way she could carry on a conversation. She seemed to be really at ease with me.


Was there anything you really disliked?


Meghan: Well that's not really nice to say, now is it?

Don: There was nothing I disliked about her.


Was there "chemistry" between you? Interesting body language?


Meghan: The chemistry was similar to meeting up with an old friend. We both use our hands a lot when we talk!

Don: I thought there was chemistry between us. She seemed to be enjoying herself. She smiled a lot, which was a good sign.


How were your date's table manners?


Meghan: No problems there; he was pretty funny spilling his tomatoes everywhere while trying to eat bruschetta, though. I told him he needed to be more gentle.

Don: They were really good.


How did dinner end?


Meghan: I told him if he wanted to go play pool sometime to give me a call and gave him my number and card. He awkwardly ripped a piece of paper and wrote his down for me.

Don: We exchanged numbers. She had mentioned that she would like to get together and hang out sometime.


What was the VERY end like?


Meghan: A simple hug goodbye. I'm a hugger.

Don: We left the restaurant and walked outside where we hugged each other. She told me to give her a call again sometime.


Did you have fun?


Meghan: I had a great time. I'm easily pleased.

Don: I had a great time.


Would you see this person again?


Meghan: Not on a romantic level. I wouldn't mind hanging out as friends. But I don't want to be misleading either.

Don: I would definitely see her again.


ON a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the date?


Meghan: 6. He was fun and a really nice guy. It just didn't feel datelike with the "just friends" chemistry. He would be perfect for someone a little older and more simple.

Don: 9


Oh, well. No Hokie pokey. Maybe if someone had just told them you put your right foot in...