Kathleen A. and Randell L. Hubbard Jr. to Don E. and Mary Helen Detmer, 1.0 acres near Mount Fair, $15,000.

Constance K. Crummette to Susan M. Lane, 1215 Chatham Ridge, RiverRun, $164,000.

Jason Twedt to Halim Hanna, 33 Woodlake Drive, Four Seasons, $146,000.

Laiju Zhang to Richard T. and Gina M. Hutton, 2135 Nandina Court, North Pines, $232,500.

Corey E. and Patrice Harrell-Carter to John J. Chavan, 1043 Towne Lane, Village Square, $172,500.

Thomas E. and Nelda C. Lull to Property Maintenance Services Inc., 0.5 acres at 5951 Jarman's Gap Road, gift.

Deborah A. Verstegen to Yvonne C. Shifflett, 0.128 acres at 2156 Timber Meadows, Timberwoods, Forest Lakes, $248,500.

Anthony D. and Mary Kay Valente to Apex LLC, 5.060 acres at 3891 Seminole Trail, Hardtimes Estates, $585,000.

Clifton W. and Patricia Carter to Daniel F. and Judy D. Rea, 6040 Cling Lane, Crozet Crossing, $155,900.

Keswick Corporation to Charles E. Lewis III, parcel in Keswick, $290,000.

William D. Coller and Sue Wells to Joan S. Peatross, 1297 Clifden Greene, RiverRun, $205,000.

Leigh B. Middleditch Jr., executor, to Michael C. and Carolyn L. Quinn, 16 Ednam Village Street, Ednam Village, $480,000.

Glenn A. and Kelly Hann to David M. Beech, 4661 Briarwood Drive, Briarwood, $155,000.



Christopher W. and Kathryn Farmer Allerton to Glenn A. and Kelly J. Hann, 1805 Brenda Court, Greenbrier Heights, $229,000.

J. Daniel and Lynda S. Patterson to Benjamin J. Snow and Christina M. Forbes, 5620 Three Notch'd Road, Crozet, $122,000.

Clinton T. and Eileen G. Merritt to Kirby B. Fowler, 1279 Timberbranch Court, Mill Creek, $233,000.

Christopher W. and Deborah H. Shook to Keith A. Frick and Lawrence Borden Lee Jr., 347 East Main Street, Scottsville, $164,000.

Lawrence B. Lee Jr. to Samuel White, trustee, parcel in Scottsville, $147,000.

R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to Brian A. and Nancy A. Casazza, 3399 Darby Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $601,218.

JaZan LLC to Roxy A. Lawrence, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 115 Turtle Creek Road, $113,000.

Forrest D. Workman to Henry Tang and Katelyn Chau, 100 Running Fox Lane, Foxwood, $270,000.

Brandermill Investments Inc. to William and Karen Hamilton, 1760 Winterberry Court, Brandermill, Forest Lakes South, $239,500.

Charles E. and Barbara A. Coble to Kenneth L. and Ermelita L. Hill, 308 Eastbrook Drive, Woodbrook, $270,000.

Abell Brothers LLC to Joseph and Helen D. Flamini, 14.424 acres at 3431 Carrs Ridge, $1,000.



Rosemarie Brundage to Daboyz LLC, 1425 Bremerton Lane, Glenmore, $435,000.

James C. Joyner to Barbara Bothwell and Brian C. Dean, 6.0 acres in Scottsville Magisterial District, $54,000.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to Stacey M. and Shannon R. Larese, 839 Fieldhaven Drive, Redfields, $279,950.

Richard E. Ramey to Charles E. and Barbara A. Coble, 2809 Brookmere Road, Woodbrook, $213,160.

Elizabeth Wilson to Eduardo and Sandra Castro, 2315 North Berkshire Road, Oak Terrace, $205,000.

Jarriette C. Thebert, trustee, to Douglas J. and Deborah J. McGowan, 4360 Saddle Court, Earlysville Forest, $412,000.

Stuart R. Wood Jr. to Foundations LLC, parcel on Berkmar Drive, $220,720.

Two Hundred Fifty West Holdings LLC to Fairfield Classic Homes Inc., lot in Foxchase, $200,000.

Robert M. Hauser and Blake Hurt to Philip H. Clark and Moran Simone Daleo-Clark, 1174 River Oaks Lane, River Oaks of Dunlora, $375,000.

George R. St. John to Joanne M. Higgins, 2.0 acres in the town of Scottsville, $1,400.

Joan E. Schellinger to Jerry D. Beninate and Lili Stowe-Beninate, 8.394 acres at 7320 Dyers Mill Lane, $345,000.

Jeanne T. and Paul J. Rosadina to Lynda G. Miller, trustee, 2921 Idlewood Drive, Woodbrook, $254,000.



Parkside 1 LLC to Sugaray LLC, parcel in Glenwood Station, Rio Road, $866,750.

Charles H. and Beatrice N. Ammons to Khizr M. Khan, 500 David Road, Marshall Manor, $470,000.

Helen C. Hamshar to Joy M. Snyder, 125 Woodlake Drive, Four Seasons, $150,000.

Floyd E. and Debra G. Pugh to Gregory Topczewski, 1058 SomerChase Court, Hollymead Townhouses, $216,900.



Gray O. Ibbeken to Kenneth P. and Susan G. Bucci, 2810 Locust Hill Drive, Locust Hill North, $450,000.

Ragged Mountain Farm Inc. to The Rocks LLC, 514.8 acres at Ragged Mountain Farm, Samuel Miller District, $8,000,000.

Ronald L. Marcus to The Rocks LLC, two lots in Rosemont, $500,000.

Derek H. and Mary Coombs to Mary K. Coombs, 101 Blithe Court, Birnam Wood, gift.

Margaret J. Sprouse to Harold E. and Patricia S. Workman, 3.68 acres on Secretary Sand Road, $29,000.

Nancy N. and Joseph J. Chambers to Joseph J. Chambers, 20.52 acres at 5023 Three Notch'd Road, gift.

Mary L. Miele to Paul Kane and Cynthia Brooks, 2.762 acres at 2055 Foal Lane, Ivy Farm, $381,900.

John C. Reynolds to Charles A. Rogers Construction Inc., 4717 Dick Woods Road, Spring Valley subdivision, $33,000.

Bruce B. and Deborah Gibbs to Joanna H. Hughes and Richard C. Crisler III, 15.0 acres in White Hall district, $329,000.

Frederick and Lisa C. Beane-Goldman to James M. and Claire A. Culver, 0.349 acres at 1338 Dunlora Drive, RiverWalk Dunlora, $527,500.



David C. and Gloria M. Lee to John F. and Victoria H. Dougherty, 0.716 acres on State Route 739, 1 Ivy Depot Lane, Ivy, $605,800.

Southern Home Builders of Virginia to Jennifer A. and John E. Forrest Jr., 1235 Clay Court, Wayland's Grant, Crozet, $194,900.

Dora M. Sprouse Mundie to Stonehaus Inc., 2.980 acres at 1373 Critta Lane, $200,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Charles R. and Dorothy J. Pace, 1413 Cedarwood Court, Redfields, $337,859.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to Mark A. and Joan H. Moore, 3116 Lyfarne Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $670,000.

Ian W. and Susan E. Cuthbertson to Jody Joy, 2475 Milton Hills Drive, Milton Hills, $330,000.

Haley Chisholm & Morris Inc. to Andrea C. Gibson, 3.091 acres in Indian Springs subdivision, $150,000.

John W. Baxter to Holly M. Peele, 1408 Forest Ridge Road, Forest Hills, gift.

Kathleen Flynn to Charles E. and Linda D. Hutson, 0.039 acres at 1406 Lilac Court, Branchlands Retirement Village, $160,000.

R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to Lin Pu and Bei Wu, 3304 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $386,076.



Mary O. Holden, trustee, to Douglas and Viktoria Steel, 4031 Fairway Drive, Keswick, $1,350,000.

Laurie S. Carpenter to Bryant S. and Laurie S. Carpenter, 2.087 acres at 3011 Doctor's Crossing, gift.

Gilbert W. and Dorothy G. Durrer to Carolyn D. Swingle and Donna D. Arendall, 7.474 acres at 634 Reas Ford Road, Blue Ridge Forest, gift.

Martin P. Albert to Donald F. Webb, 1413 Glenside Green, LeParc, RiverRun, $225,000.

Carolyn L. Spencer to William T. and Brenda N. Hayward, 0.295 acres at 4 Rockbrook Drive, Rockbrook, $53,500.

William T. Hayward to C. Christopher Heilman, 0.295 acres at 4 Rockbrook Drive, Rockbrook, $79,500.

Nuala A. and Michael F. Tobin to Jacob D. and Ellen Tobin Oswalt, 2501 Wakefield Road, Northfields, gift.

VanDerLinde Housing Inc. to Craig and Gail Tomanelli, 1248 Loring Run, Dunlora, $409,950.

Marley F. Peale to James R. Marklein, 13.260 acres at 4169 President's Road, $10,000.

Evergreen Land Company to Craig Enterprises Inc., two lots at Mosby Mountain, $155,000.

Parkside LLC to Gaffney Homes LLC, six lots at Glenwood Station, $412,500.



Southern Home Builders of Virginia LLC to Michael G. Ioakimedes Jr., 1233 Clay Court, Wayland's Grant, Crozet, $195,901.

Brian T. Duffy and Kendall B. Sieg to Neal Bennett, 1548 Stoney Creek Drive, Mill Creek, $235,000.

Suzanne M. O'Leary to Alan D. and Catherine M. Benson, 100 St. Ives Road, Camelot, $174,500.

Thomas E. and Colleen R. Hutchinson to Kevin S. and Coleen M. O'Rourke, 8.46 acres at 3466 Morgantown Road, Hardendale, $965,000.

Joseph T. and Maureen S. Chrystal to Maureen S. Chrystal, 575 Manor Road, Clover Hill, Earlysville, gift.

James B. Tindall Jr. to R. Hilton and Carolyn S. Patterson, 2.0024 acres at 579 Irish Road, Scottsville, $319,750.

Larry F. Mundy to Daniel K. Walter, 1.582 acres at 1575 Brown's Gap Turnpike, Moorman's River, $62,000.

Madison I. and Dorothy McCall to Lionel and Rosewita Fernandez, 1.280 acres at 4 Deer Path, Liberty Hills, Bellair, $575,500.

Francis M. Ferki to Clinton T. and Eileen G. Merritt, 324 Starcrest Road, Mill Creek, $295,000.

Wesley D. and Karrie H. Chaney to Charif P. Soubra, 112 Deerwood Road, Deerwood, $198,000.

Dinah Hoffman Arnott to George F. and Judith G. Truesdail, 73.96 acres in four tracts at 6998 Wildon Grove Road, $897,971.

Robert M. Hauser and Blake Hurt to Chet N. and Joann H. Seapy, trustees, 0.274 acres at 1637 Brightfield Place, Raintree, $262,000.

Frank T. and Melissa A. Ballif to William T. Randall and Suzanne M. O'Leary, 7.050 acres on the west side of State Route 729, 3328 Buck Island Road, $330,000.

Luther L. Peery to Eric Trebour, trustee, 977 Seminole Trail, Crozet Crossing, gift.



Stephanie W. Snell to Red Eagles LLC, 25.610 acres at Scottsville, gift.

John Russell, executor of the estate of Lorraine, Edward M., and Cindy Boles, to Jocelyn E. Russell, 6.92 acres in Scottsville magisterial district, $6,300.

Traditional Homes of Albemarle LLC to Carolyn J. and William F. Riesmeyer III, parcels in Laurel Ridge, $256,900.

Halina and Simon Tracy to Mohan M. and Jean B. Nadkarni, 107 Wendover Lane, Key West, $225,000.

Church Hill Development Co. to Paul and Danica W. Plantz, 3.62 acres at 1675 Miller School Road, $314,150.


Thomas M. and Pamela D. Starkey to Markus A. Kritzler, 0.4997 acres at 3382 Marsden Pointe, Glenmore, Keswick, $545,000.

Diane R. and Robert W. Jones Jr. to Deborah L. Jones, 0.50 acres at 4965 Secretary Sand Road, Beaver Creek, Esmont, gift.

Blair M. Kelly to Montie Gibson, 2.30 acres at 560 Bloomfield Road, $415,000.


Big Deal


Ragged Mountain Farm Inc. to The Rocks LLC, 514.8 acres at Ragged Mountain Farm, Samuel Miller District, $8,000,000.