Wash out: Pieces of a dream (house)

The dream-house-turned-nightmare has come crashing down. On October 26, city crews demolished 2210 North Berkshire Road, the former home of Ken and Heidi Vanderford.

Chronic flooding, which they discovered on move-in day a year ago, followed by black mold, sealed the fate of the duplex, which is now a pile of rubble. The Vanderfords were left bankrupt, homeless, and searching for answers.

As detailed in the Hook's August 28, 2003, cover story, "Our house: in the middle of a stream," the episode highlights the hidden problem of private underground storm drains.

The city has offered to pay 75 percent of the cost to replace the collapsed corrugated pipes, if neighboring property owners pay the other 25 percent, estimated between $400,000-$500,000.

Keith Vanderford is still dumbfounded and bitter that he could work hard, have good credit– and still lose his $170,000 house.

"There is no justice," he says.

In his experience in a number one-rated city, Vanderford feels abandoned and says he now wants to live "as far from Charlottesville as possible."