Keep dogs at home

I must comment on the facetime article "Mosby's Mom" in the October 14 Hook.

What happened to Mosby (a dog) was entirely preventable. His owners– if they really loved their pet– would not have allowed him to run onto other people's properties chasing wild animals. Mosby was being a pest. People should not have to put up with other people's pets running all over their property.

It's also time for people to recognize that dogs should not be allowed to harass (and often kill) wildlife. Wild mammals, such as raccoons, skunks, even bears, are not much different from the dogs and cats that have become our pets. We should feel for the skunk that Mosby was chasing just as we feel for the dog that was shot.

Mosby's death was at least more humane than the skunk– it deserved better than to be torn apart by two dogs that should have been kept at home.

The truly tragic aspect of this whole scenario is that it need never have occurred. If people feel they are truly "moms" to their pets, they should care for their pets just as they would their small children.

Pet owners should act responsibly by keeping a watchful eye over their pets instead of letting them run wherever they please, where they could just as easily be killed by a vehicle as by a person fed up with listening to the howling of a hunting dog or the annoyance of dogs barking on his property.

Marlene Condon