What the <I>Bleep</I> does reviewer know?

Steve Warren's review of What the Bleep ["Freaky film," October 9, 2004] ironically proved one of the premises the film asks us to consider: that we limit our experience of reality by being unable to see what we do not yet know or accept. Warren doesn't know about or agree with what he saw, so he is unable to see any value all.

This film obviously did not speak to him, but rather than present this as his personal experience, he needs to go further with refuting all it contained and telling readers not to consider it either

So let me offer another view. What the Bleep can been seen as a creative film, offering complex ideas for consideration and exploration. I found it clever, filled with incredible images and visuals, humor, and even great music, plus a personal journey many may identify with.

The "talking heads," as Warren says, indeed share their views, and the very fact that we don't know their titles and degrees allows us to again consider the information openly without the weight of "authority."

I believe this film may indeed speak to a lot of people, including those not already simpatico with the ideas shared. Explore a bit at whatthebleep.com and see if, in the end, you may want to consider another perspective.

Elisabeth Fitzhugh