Ode to Garlic: The <I>real</I> October surprise

Many flavors mark October:

Cider sweet and sticky brown,

Apples topped with hard red candy,

Pumpkins thick upon the ground.


But on October 9 and 10,

"Peww!" and "Stinky!" were the sounds.


The common spice that can create

From simple fare a gourmet treat–

Hot sauce, pesto, pasta, pizza–

Garlic's the bulb that can't be beat.


For 14 years, way down in Amherst

The vineyard christened "Rebec" knows

Folks will come from far and near

(Although they have to hold their nose).


A delightful gathering of folks and food

Music and sipping of sweet grape wine

Bacchus cheers in glad approval

The marriage of fruits of clove and vine.

Make sure your ego is ready, too.

The Gunter family– James, Stuart, and Mary Catherine– with Jayce and Tad Hafner at the sides

Worth the wait. Hog Heaven BBQ.

Oh, glorious garlic!

The Rapture Crew takes a break from the Downtown Mall scene to hang out with each other. From left, Tracy Bedsole, Matt Jacobs, Barbara Frost, and Sean Thomas

Ooh, glorious garlic!!

A festival of feasts offered all varieties of wine and fine thing to eat.

Amherst Cops, just trying to keep everyone safe.