Montalto: New uses for old mountain

The future is here. For decades, Brown's Mountain (also known as Mountain Top Farm) was a coveted place to live because of its stunning view from what Monticello Foundation president Dan Jordan calls "the highest spot from here to Portugal."

The Foundation recently purchased the farm's 330 acres, and Monticello plans to include the mountain in tours of Jefferson's homestead. Since the final "Kite Day" on May 29, public access to the magnificent spot has been limited.

Being on top of the mountain was as exhilarating as ever for the group of local Charlottesville business owners and community members enjoying the catered party sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and the Foundation on Thursday, September 23.

Tourism mavens from Keswick Hall to the Red Roof Inn enjoyed a mingle-fest to remember. A nice touch was the wide array of Virginia wines.

Alisa Bailey, president and CEO of the Virginia Tourism Corporation, was a special guest. Nancy Damon, program director of the Virginia Festival of the Book, received the Chamber's Tourism Person of the Year Award for helping bring thousands of tourists to what's becoming a Mid-Atlantic hot spot for book lovers.

Monticello gets enthusiastic applause from the tourism elite.

Alisa Bailey offers a toast with real Virginia wine.

Nancy Damon is speechless after receiving her award from Mark Shore and Gary O'Connell.

Albemarle  Magazine's very own Alison Dickie

Kira Santulli and Judy Robinson gaze at the moon from the top of the mountain.

Catchin' some rays, man

The sun goes down over the Blue Ridge at the end of summer.

Mmm... tasty treats