Karl & George: Bush's Brain explores Rove's power

Fahrenheit 9/11, Going Upriver: The Long War Of John Kerry, Silver City, The Manchurian Candidate (redux)– what a year for political films. If those haven't sated your political cravings, the UVA Law Democrats come forward to offer a little-known artifact, Bush's Brain.

That's a "controversial documentary" about presidential advisor Karl Rove based on the New York Times best-selling biography by Jim Moore and Wayne Slater. The film chronicles the relationship between Rove and Bush, exploring the former's remarkable political journey and the role he's played in Bush's rise to the top.

Critics have raved about Bush's Brain, calling it a "darkly comical, seriously scary and purposefully incendiary film" that's "sure to be one of the most explosive documentaries about American politics in a decade.

"If you liked Fahrenheit, you're going to love Bush's Brain," says Jacob Olcott, President of the Law Democrats. "We're thrilled to have Jim Moore in town. We expect a great turnout."

Co-author Moore will attend the screening and stay after to give a brief talk and answer questions from the audience.

Bush's Brain shows at 7pm October 6 in Caplin Auditorium at the University of Virginia Law School, 580 Massie Road, and is open to the public. Donations requested. Doors to open at 6:30. First come first served. Get there early: the theater holds only 300.