The week in review

Worst hurricane: In a season of deadly hurricanes, Ivan wreaks havoc on the Gulf Coast and racks up the highest U.S. death toll, currently at more than 45.

Worst local damage: Ivan-spawned tornadoes terrorize the area September 17, destroying homes in Orange and Greene counties.

Worst news for foreign students: The FBI can rifle through their records at will, reports the Cavalier Daily.

Hottest courtroom drama: Arrested for trying to chain himself to a banister in the Rotunda when the Chinese Ambassador, Yang Jieh, was here in June, UVA student Rich Felker opts for the first-in-memory open University Judiciary Committee trial September 23 to draw attention to the Chinese occupation of Tibet, according to a release.

Worst case of too many cooks in the kitchen: Inocencio De-La Cruz is charged with malicious wounding early September 20 for allegedly stabbing Jorge Juarez at the Town and Country Motel in a dispute over cooking utensils, according to an Albemarle police release.

Worst loss of a former mayor: R. M. "Jack" Davis, 95, dies September 16. The car dealership owner served on City Council in the 1950s and was elected mayor in 1956.

Worst week for Citizen Cain: Former attorney and City Council candidate Margaret McCleod Cain draws 45 days in jail September 15 in Charlottesville Circuit Court for embezzling over $13,000 from a client.

Worst decision for micro hot-rodders: Mommy– er, City Council votes September 20 to require licenses, helmets, and goggles for mopeds and scooters without windshields, as well as dedicated backseats and passenger foot rests.

Latest gig for Rita Dove: She's sworn in as Virginia's poet laureate September 20 for a two-year appointment. Dove has already served as U.S. poet laureate– from 1993-1995.

Latest gig for DJ Kym McKay: After eight years, she leaves 97.5 3WV to become program director at a classic rock station in Winchester.

Best makeover: Thomas Jefferson gets a new look on the five-cent piece. See news story, page XX.

Bestseller: Kitty Kelly's new book, The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty, hits bookstores September 14.

Greenest Martha Stewart move: The domestic diva asks to begin her five-month sentence for obstruction of justice immediately, so she'll be out in time to plant her spring garden.

Worst week for Dan Rather: CBS News runs with a story about George W. Bush's National Guard service based on bogus documents.

Worst video trend: Yet another American, believed to be civil engineer Eugene Armstrong, is beheaded in Iraq by a militant group.

Best reason to be sedated: Founding Ramones' member Johnny Ramone dies September 15 of prostate cancer, the third member of the influential '70s punk band to die in the past three years (Joey succumbed to lymphoma in 2001; a heroin overdose killed Dee Dee in 2003).

Most surprising discovery: The Washington Post considers Charlottesville a shopping mecca for furniture, antiques, and home furnishings.

Best quote about Charlottesville shopping: "It's a very boutiquey scene here," Hook senior editor and shopping maven Courteney Stuart tells the Post.