Charles W. and Catherine Gross to Ronald P. and Jane L. Sykes, 2602 Huntington Road, Northfields, $285,000.

Mary Jane Baber Johnson to John L. Baber, 5964 Jarman's Gap Road, Crozet, $180,000.

Brad R. and Gretchen A. Huot to Linda Gehle, 3159 Crossfield Lane, Steeplechase, Forest Lakes, $212,000.

Theodore N. Gardner to Mickie Miles, 13.45 acres on State Route 714, $75,000.

Mary Ann and Ross L. Goodwin Jr. to James D. and Angela K. Mills, 1.78 acres at 664 Taylor's Gap Road, $126,000.

Fluvanna Land and Development LLC to John and Jennifer L. Scott, parcel in Clover Lawn Village, $177,240.

John D. and Marilyn G. Wagner to Max W. Davis, 1616 Inglewood Drive, Georgetown Green, $200,000.

Kenneth D. and Deborah W. Farmer to Douglas J. McGowan and Duane H. Zobrist, 33.74 acres at 5700 Buffalo River Road, Webb Mountain, $515,000.

Robert W. and Diane M. Kudro to Ad Hoc Associates LLC, 119 Dorset Court, Camelot, $86,001.

Lee J. and Helena M. Brady to Thomas Herthel, 1035 Bristlecone Lane, Willow Bend, Forest Lakes South, $232,000.

Redlands LLC to Sue Ellen Carter and Brian Keith Ray, 3020 Morewood Lane, Highlands at Mechum's River, $281,250.

Pierson Properties LLC to Michael F. White, unit in Webland Park condominiums, 1730 Webland Park, $158,900.

Gwynneth S. Stewart to David S. and Diane H. Walker, unit in Worthington Place condominiums, 625 Worthington Drive, $510,000.

Worrell Land and Development Co. to MJH Foundation, 0.116 acre, $100.

Erna M. Carrell, trustee, to Meliha Cosic, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 116 Turtle Creek Drive, $125,000.

Esther Putnam and Louise Putnam-Stoner, trustees, to Meadowcreek Development LLC, 6.3 acres at 1155 Pen Park Lane, $290,000.

John R. and Barbara D. Culbreth to Robert C. and Karen E. Klintworth, 62 Stone Mill Court, Mill Creek, $203,500.

Peter Grayson Hill to Loren P. and Erin M. Budge, 2445 Whitney Court, Briarwood, $148,000.

Gabriel L. and Ana Maria Bonilla to Susan R. Weaver, 1026 Somerchase Court, Hollymead Townhouses, $217,000.

Weston Development Co. LLC to Thomas G. Silvey, 1.715 acres at 2515 Leafton Crossing, Walnut Hills, Earlysville, $136,500.


 Gregory J. and Cheryl K. Briehl to William C. and Michelle G. Brydges, Chimney Rocks, $240,000.

The Rocks LLC to Southland Homes Inc., parcel in The Rocks, $265,000.

Charles E. Moran, trustee, to Easter Hunter Properties LLC, 11.42 acres at 3354 Free Union Road, $415,000.

Asbury Automotive North Carolina to Astar ASB VA2 LLC, 1.763 acres at 1295 Richmond Road, Pantops, $3,215,373.

Albert G. Lowry to Scott M. and Karen P. Ransom, 1505 Shadow Oaks Place, Raintree, $237,000.

John F. and Montana K. Gaffney to Edwin Nordenschild, lot in Forest Lakes South, $227,000.

MacMillan Pace LLC to Theodore N. and Amy H. Barger, 2.166 acres at 3505 Rocks Mill Lane, the Rocks, $890,000.

Lyn Ryan to Christopher H. and Carin L. Parsons, 161 Larkspur Lane, Lake Reynovia, $228,000.

Wendell G. Jewell and Sheila E. McDonald to Christopher T. and Laura L. Johnson, 1090 Ramblewood Place, Raintree, $268,000.

R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to Shu-Man and Felicia G. Fu, 1206 Redfields Road, Redfields, $279,950.


 Chris C. Brown and Susan Dangelo to Paulino M. and Jaena B. Apusen, 1627 Center Avenue, Megan's Meadows, $98,000.

Bo Ping and Wen Sy Wang to Christine Bendas, 289 Albert Court, Camellia Gardens, $95,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Kai L. Thrane, 5551 Stonegate Lane, Stonegate at Western Ridge, $242,962.

Ronald L. Kerber, trustee, to John A. and Paula K. Kerber, 8.4873 acres on Turkey Sag Road, $91,170.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Ishmael, Maryrose M., Geraldine, and Christopher Velasquez, 478 Heritage Court, Redfields, $253,045.

Jean C. West to Cathleen Rhoades, 2360 Ravenswood Court, Ravenswood Forest, $219,000.

Northpoint LLC to Steven A. and Donna M. Rains, 2462 Pendower Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $711,330.

Ronald and Janet Baellow to Daniel and Hairuo Yi Zisk, 2121 Piney Knoll Lane, Springridge of Forest Lakes, $249,000.

John C. Haskell, trustee of the Ann Robins Marchant Trust, to TJF Realty LLC, 329.68 acres at Mountain Top Farm, gift.

John L. Hammaker, trustee, to Elaine C. Standish, 943 Huntwood Lane, Huntwood Townhouse, $190,000.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Bryan L. and Jeanelle B. Hagen, 2366 Hartland Court, Bentivar, $600,000.

Arthur G. and Roberta V. Williams to Stephen J. and Rhonda R. Scheller, 3170 Sandy Branch Lane, Sandy Branch Resort Farm, $240,000.

The Rocks LLC to Skyline Home Builders LLC, lot in The Rocks, $265,000.

Clinton E. and Michele L. Aichs to Jean C. West, 2198 Timber Meadows, Timberwood, Forest Lakes, $271,000.

Harry W. Leathers Jr. to Lillian C. Graves, 11.410 acres at 2995 Old Lynchburg Road, gift.

RJR LC to Redlands LLC, lot in Highlands, $72,500.

Pierson Properties LLC to Sergio A. and Sarah E. Sanchez, unit in Webland Park condominiums, 1760 Webland Drive, $159,9900.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Elizabeth A. Reinhard and Richard T. VanHook, 5512 Hilltop Street, Parkside Village, Crozet, $254,490.


Jean, A.C., and Gery G. Cousin to Gery G. and Anne T. Cousin, 419.67 acres at 1744 Rougemont Farm Road, $1,120,000.

Susan J. Compton to Clinton E. and Michele L. Aichs, 2691 Teakwood Drive, Teakwood, Forest Lakes South, $365,000.

Thornbrick Development LLC to Church Hill Development Co., five lots in Bargamin Park subdivision, $350,000.

Russell F. and Ann B. Welch to Keith A. and Robin Smarte, 4.753 acres at 30 Mountain Laurel Road, Dogwood Rise, Crozet, $355,000.

Douglas A. and Gail P. Coleman to Barry N. and Joyce M. Yancey, 12.578 acres in White Hall district, $180,000.

Barbara B. Yalden-Thomson, trustee, to Stephen C. and Jean B. Botts, 12.18 acres on Link Evans Road near Earlysville, gift.

Joseph T. and Lindsay T. Milby to Kennard J. Moore and Lauren E. Watts, 1066 Somerchase Court, Hollymead Townhomes, $220,000.

Janis Antonovics to Deborah Ann Roach, 2711 Gray Fox Spur, Ivy Oaks, gift.

Marjorie B. and Eugene C. Worden Jr. to William S. and Nancy W. Bear, 1187 Partridge Lane, Branchlands Retirement Village, $256,900.

Alyce R. and Robert A. Gere to Anne Harper, 430 Wynridge Drive, Minor Townhouses, $189,900.

Shenandoah Properties LLC to Neil Gordon and Carol A. Nicoll, 95 Apple Lane, the Quarries subdivision, $38,900.


Robert D. Cox to Frank Ortiz, 3.25 acres at 5013 Advance Mills Road, Earlysville, $142,000.

David C. Segebarth to William J. Wilshire, 1632 Appian Way, Fontana, $395,000.

RJR LC to Skyline Home Builders LLC, lot in Highlands, $72,500.

Thomas E. Sliney to Helena S. Sliney, 2.0 acres at 5490 Louisa Road, Cismont, $20,000.

Gary A. Britton to Buck Island LLC, parcel, $6,507.

Prana Land LLC to Buck Island LLC, various parcels, $3,050,000.

Buck Island LLC to Prana Land LLC, 676.20 acres in Scottsville District, $100,000.


William J. Vinson Jr. to Ann Marie Vinson, 3403 Marlboro Court, Carrsbrook, gift.

Tiffany B. Dettor to Roger T. and Helen H. Breeden, 2.0 acres at 3546 Martin Kings Road, $208,768.

Jeffrey and Georgiana Shabanowitz to Patrick B. and Patricia W. Dougherty, 2.10 acres at 914 Tilman Road, $539,000.

Lynn G. Swofford to Benjamin Sloan and Elizabeth Launer, 202 Buttercup Lane, Lake Reynovia, $205,000.

Margaret A. Cooper-Anderson to Brian and Michelle M. Smith, 2020 Echo Ridge Road, Forest Lakes, $334,950.

Jefferson Area Builders Inc. to Michael R. Lambeth and Deborah T. Watson, 1564 Riding Club Road, Keene, $201,907.

Graham and Carolyn Paige to Carolyn G. Paige, 0.976 acres at 989 Crozet Avenue, gift.

Robert B. and Doris S. Gibson to Heidi L. Flanagan, 5720 Oak Drive, Park View subdivision, $250,000.

Pierson Properties LLC to Jill S. Locke, unit in Webland Park condominiums, 1727 Webland Park, $154,900.

Sarah M. Burruss to Laurel Wynne Glassman, Darci G. and William J. Lieb, and William L. Neff, 1463 Gray Stone Court, Mill Creek, $242,000.

Gerard C. and Amy M. Reice to Stephen Nachmanovitch and Leslie Blackhall, 3112 Ragged Ridge Lane, Blue Springs Farm subdivision, $910,000.


Derrick E. and Jennifer A. Moreira to Teresa Hammond, 1268 Clifden Greene, RiverRun, $185,000.

The Rocks LLC to Skyline Home Builders LLC, lot in The Rocks subdivision, $260,000.

Teresa M. Hammond to Ashley D. Black, 1044 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands, $184,500.

Cynthia W. and H. Robert Brashear III to Christopher J. and Nancy M. Magnus, 5.023 acres at 6645 Highlander Way, Emerald Ridge, Crozet, $395,000.

George W. Collier to Pamela Harker, 3.0 acres at 325 Estes Ridge, Dyke, $80,000.

Anikar Chhabra to MPT LLC, lot in Mill Creek, $205,000.

Mary Scott and John H. Birdsall III to John A. and Amy M. Griffin, 78.35 acres in White Hall Magisterial District, $1,792,700.

Carl A. Strayer and Kristen L. Curran to Angela Y. Brown, 4626 Woods Edge Road, Troy, $147,000.

William C. and Linda R. Reynolds to William K. and Marie D. Brix, 218 Pineridge Lane, Terrybrook, $239,900.

Kostich Construction Inc. to Martin C. Williamson, lot in Deerwood, $267,350.

Matthew R. Callander to Margaret Cooper-Anderson, 1189 Rustic Willow Lane, Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $239,900.

Samuel T. and M. Jane Arny Darling to Guy W. and Kelly C. Tillinghast, 3.98 acres at 1562 Burch's Creek Road, $565,000.

Marta R. Ramsey to Robert E. and Anne M. Kilkuskie, 1050 Somerchase Court, Hollymead Townhouses, $187,500.

Paula and Thomas A. Andruskevich Jr. to Michele R. Heine, 2.685 acres on State Route 614, 4084 Garth Road, $277,000.

The Rocks LLC to MacMillan Pace LLC, lot in the Rocks, $270,000.

Melissa K. Jurick to Marsha and John W. Frick Jr., trustees, 105 Woodstock Drive, Hessian Hills, $315,000.

R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to Rockwell A. and Janet W. Moulton, 1424 Cedarwood Court, Redfields, $324,950.

Eve B. Rose, trustee, to Craig L. and Laura H. Coombe, 119 Bollingbrook Drive, Key West, $279,000.

Chad S. and Angela R. Dotson to Karen H. Tarbell, 1195 Fox Ridge Drive, Earlysville Forest, Earlysville, $245,000.


Big Deal


Asbury Automotive North Carolina to Astar ASB VA2 LLC, 1.763 acres at 1295 Richmond Road, Pantops, $3,215,373.