Farewell, Frontbutt: Local band sits down

For five years, the boys of Frontbutt have been wiping out crowds with their blend of classic '80s and '90s hip-hop. Now, their roll has run out.

"It started with me," explains Lincoln Ross Barbour, aka the Notorious L.O.G (and a Hook photographer). With his photography business starting to take off, Barbour says, the challenge of trying to run a business and be a rock star was too much.

Fans will likely miss the mayhem that was a Frontbutt show, which won raves for its name and its music in both local weekly newspapers.

"Usually there's a good 10 to 20 girls dancing on stage," laughs Barbour. "Pretty much every show is kind of crazy."

While Barbour and Dave Munn, aka Munny Shot, will miss, as Barbour puts it, "hanging out with people, having fun while playing music," several bandmates have other musical avenues to pursue.

Rob Richmond, aka Dr. Edit, plays in a band called P.O.W. which Barbour says is "starting to get more organized." And the three others are in the band Navel, which just returned from a West Coast tour.

"They're really taking off," Barbour says of Navel, which features Drew Worsley and Wally Worsley, aka Etch-a- Sketch and Fakebeard the Pirate, and Gre Brier, aka Ol' Gre-D Bastard.

While it's sad to say goodbye, these fellows will no doubt be, ah, flush with success in their new lives. No ifs, ands, or Frontbutts about it.

Frontbutt had crowds crackin' up.