This broadband doesn't interfere

In reference to the August 19 letter posted by Charles G. Battig entitled "Juicy broadband faces hurdles," there is a major inaccuracy about Broadband over Powerline (BPL) that deserves to be corrected.

"The city of Manassas, which had one of the earliest BPL trials, has subsequently terminated the experiment because of interference it caused to licensed radio services," Battig wrote.

I have spoken personally with John Hewa, assistant director in Manassas, and Joe Marsilii, CEO of, and they have both assured me that the program is increasing subscribers along with its BPL footprint in Manassas and they have no intention whatsoever of stopping this now very live roll-out.

With regard to interference, Allen Todd, the director in Manassas, is a Ham user himself and has not seen any interference issues that have raised any significant barriers regarding this service.

On the contrary, if interference was a serious issue, being merely 20 miles from Dulles airport in Washington, this project would have certainly been shut down if any interference whatsoever was fouling any part of the air transit system's radio communications

It seems that individuals could do well to research the facts fully before submitting for publication any opinions or false statements.

Tony Whelan
CEO, IP Everywhere USA