Not funny, witty, or cute

Only in the Hook would there be mention of a means of birth control in a blurb about a listing for a bed and breakfast. [August 19, "On the Block": "Two sorts of people will be interested in this large appealing property: nascent Conrad Hiltons, and families for whom RU-486 arrived a couple of decades too late."]

I happen to live in Nelson and am familiar with the Mark Addy Inn. I can't imagine that this will go unnoticed. Perhaps I am overreacting?

Abortion, to me, is not funny, witty, or cute. I am quite certain that reporter Rosalind Warfield-Brown thought she was all of those.

I assure you that she was way off base here. Let me also say that I read the Hook because it has some great writing and a lot of creativity. However, this went too far.

Lori Alyson Mahan