Charles W. Hurt and Shirley Fisher, trustees of Advance Mills Farm Land Trust, to Frank S. DiGiacomo, 5.5 acres at Advance Mills Farm, Ruckersville, $253,067.45.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to Blair Massey Kelly, 4.6647 acres at 2140 Garth Road, $925,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Rex K. Nelson, trustee, 1181 Rustic Willow Lane, Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $237,950.

Peter and Cheryl Barnes to Richard and Linda Fisher, 3278 Avebury Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $475,000.

Jennie E. Miller to Frayser F. White IV and Grant Austin White, 278 Autumn Grove Court, Mill Creek, $194,900.

Gregg S. and Sandra Sharp to Robert J. Swap and Christiane A. Franca, 204 West Brook Place, Woodbrook, $286,500.

Blair A. and Annette W. Binney to Rhonda L. Angel and Charles H. Robertson III, 1380 Auburn Drive, Auburn Hills, $285,000.

Ellen L. Henderson to Dorothy S. Chan, 1603 Grayrock Court, Grayrock Orchard, Crozet, $289,950.

Oliver D. and Wanda P. Matney to Laura C. Dickason, 1157 East Keswick Drive, Royal Acres, $248,000.

Jane W. and James W. Sublett Jr. to David A. and Jill J. Borak, 1526 Primrose Lane, Lake Reynovia, $219,000.

Stacey L. Sheasley to Sarah M. Donovan, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 114 Turtle Creek Road, $142,500.

MGR Development Corp. to Rajesh C. and Jyoti R. Hiranandani, 441 Fontana Drive, Fontana, $284,900.

Peter N. Kamilakis to Serge A. and Pascale Torres, 1680 Stoney Creek Drive, Mill Creek, $230,000.

David B. and Margaret C. Hamer to Bradley W. and Sonnia J. Kesser, 105 Apple Lane, Peacock Hills, $525,000.

Georgene B. Palacky to Hoo S. Zandinejad, 3219 South Chesterfield Court, $315,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Stewart P. and Carol H. Craig, 3280 Turnberry Circle, Springridge, Forest Lakes, $384,950.


Mary A. and Julian G. Lingle to Julian G. and Virginia K. Lingle, 201 Bennington Road, Hessian Hills, $170,000.

Otis L. Collier to George W. and Heather C. Collier, 3.20 acres at 325 Estes Ridge, Dyke, $25,000.

David J. and Susan R. Price to Alfred L. and Margaret A. Cohen, 21.005 acres at 3105 Ragged Ridge Lane, $1,740,000.

Seungjean and Janie Y. Chai to J. Harper Cook, 5388 Windy Ridge Road, Cory Farm, $287,000.

Mary R. Harmon to Christian J. T. Simon, 1652 Royal Oak Court, $205,000.

Kyo U. Chu to Robert S. Miller, 3046 Chimney Ridge Road, Chimney Springs Forest, $344,000.

Justyne E. and Joseph D. VanDyke Jr. to Charles A. and Marilyn Rotolo, 3167 Darby Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $720,000.

Ron L. and Nancy J. Pruitt to William H. and Millie D. Blackwell, 304 Grayrock Drive, Grayrock Orchard, $323,000.

Robert A. and Rose S. Buckley to Colleen Harman, 1.48 acres at 1060 Allendale Drive, Glenaire, $295,000.

Quarries LLC to Linda Lloyd, 6.595 acres at 8624 Schuyler Road, $18,003.

Ashesh H. and Nancy J. Patel to Andrew W. Pawluczkowycz and Barbara A. Schmertz, 833 Harris Road, Willoughby, $199,000.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to John R. and Kathleen C. McQuilkin, 1132 Olympia Drive, Fontana, $339,950.


Two Hundred Fifty West Holdings LLC to Skyline Home Builders LLC, lot in Foxchase, $180,000.

Keith E. and Susan M. Puls to James J. and Maria D. Sotherden, 1546 Surry Hill Court, Raintree, $283,900.

John Bosely to Deborah K. Cole, parcel at Albemarle Lake, White Hall District, $3,500.

Wendell W. and Hunter W. Wood to Albemarle Carter Mountains Management, 6.141 acres at 1612 Scottsville Road, $935,000.

Happy Valley LLC to Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Walnut Hills, $120,750.

Theodoor and Katie E. Kelderman to Jane E. Sigloh, trustee, 2.0 acres at 4054 Garth Road, $257,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to Patricia K. and Edward R. B. Russell Jr., 1.769 acres in Glenmore, $370,000.

Michael L. and Kristen M. Williams to Peggy M. Doherty, 1695 Foxtail Pines, $340,000.

Margaret G. Wikner to Peter W. and Susan M. Singer, 1390 Wimbledon Way, RiverRun, $219,000.

Thomas H. Garth Jr. to Garth Land LLC, 55.48 acres on State Route 601, 1457 Garth Road, $3,073,000.

Sallie S. Smith to Garth Land LLC, 15.232 acres at 1347 Garth Road, $2,400,000.

Church Hill Development Co. to Jean A. Zephyr, 2.118 acres at 3510 Foxwood Drive, Foxwood Forest, $499,900.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to Miles Custom Homes LLC, three lots at 2750 Silas Jackson Lane, $630,000.


Curtis L. and Nancy E. Gibson to James G. and Sandra D. Reese, 2.319 acres at 4345 McClary Court, $192,000.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to Wilberger Properties Inc., 2.671 acres at Pantops Mountain Place, $549,000.

Elizabeth A. Voltz to Florence Morrisette, 529 Pebble Hill Court, Redfields, $239,900.

Nancy A. Whiting Barnett to Erica L. Haskins, 4.69 acres at 6133 Rockfish Gap Turnpike, Crozet, $142,000.

Southern Home Builders of Virginia to Richard E. and Virginia Lee Staron, 1213 Clay Drive, Wayland's, Grant, Crozet, $194,900.

David L. and Kathleen E. Rawlings to Steven J. and Alison B. Stedman, 983 Laurel Glen, Redfields, $296,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Lou M. McKeever, 3363 Darby Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $517,000.

JaZan LLC to Sarah Buss, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, Turtle Creek Road, $101,000.

Rodney L. and Nancy E. Knicely to Admir and Binasa Hasanovic, 2310 Williamsburg Road, Berkeley, $208,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Brian S. and Lisa M. Cohen, 1067 Bristlecone Lane, Forest Lakes South, $210,950.

Daniel P. and Wendy C. Tippette to Eleanore F. Walker, trustee, 1725 Stoney Creek Drive, Mill Creek, $202,400.

Eleanore F. Walker, trustee, to Aaron M. and Amita Sudhir Freilich, 1725 Stoney Creek Drive, Mill Creek, $270,000.


Gloria G. D'Alessandro, trustee, to Eric L. Stratmann and Suzanne M. Keddie-Stratmann, 2735 Meriwether Drive, Meriwether Hills, $432,000.

Anne M. Harper to Jason S. and Amy R. Jennings, 3150 Sagebrush Court, Forest Lakes, $265,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to Claudia R. Jones, 108 Boxwood Court, Mill Creek, $198,955.

Patricia C. Sylvestro to Michael L. and Michiko H. Dowling, 4.06 acres on State Route 640, 4131 Gilbert Station Road, Barboursville, $275,000.

Judith L. and Paul M. Peatross Jr. to Franklin H. and Jennifer H. Winslow, 1660 Blackwood Road, Flordon, $775,000.

James A. and Ardith E. Davidson to Michael D. and Sarah H. Erickson, 14.75 acres on Harris Mountain Road, $133,500.

Kathleen H. Wilkerson to Steven and Kimberly Pecaut, 102 Running Fox Lane, Foxcroft, $275,000.

Skyline Home Builders LLC to Ryan B. and Asha Olsen, 3160 Rock Farm Lane, The Rocks, $872,073.

John L. Penney and Barbara A. Staley to Louis and Jean Cheng, 1321 Mosby's Reach, $420,000.

Colleen M. and Robert G. Kayser Jr. to Victor M. and Carol A. George, 1640 Robin Lane, Hollymead, $245,400.

J. Walter and Karen F. Levering to Suzannah Bryan-Singer, 5.51 acres at 1686 Taylor's Gap Road, North Garden, $650,000.

Donna M. Powell to Judith L. and Paul M. Peatross Jr., 965 Windsor Road, Farmington, $684,500.

Keywood C. and Louise M. Cheves to James L. and Lisa D. Barr, 2952 Cove Trace, Forest Lakes, $404,000.

Marc and Kristen Short to Robert J. and Rebecca J. Leach, 1706 Bent Tree Court, Mill Creek, $239,500.

Jennifer E. Mullins to David W. and Megan A. Mouberry, 131 Bennington Road, Hessian Hills, $210,000.

Arthur F. and Virginia B. Edwards to Dana J. Stefanelli, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, Turtle Creek Road, $135,000.

Pierre H. Golpira and Elizabeth M. Baker to John R. and Emma B. Eggleston, 1.170 acres at 549 Link Evans Road, the Pines, Earlysville, $354,000.

Edith C. and Herbert Heilberg to Terry Fry, 2080 Whisperings Wood Drive, Whispering Woods, $270,000.

Philip G. Wendel to Richard H. Dale and Susan J. Sorensen, 1.697 acres in Mill Run subdivision, White Hall, $275,000.

John W. and Bethany T. Gibson to Daniel E. Kleiner and Amanda J. Russell-Kleiner, 3.17 acres at 2454 Ivy Springs Lane, Ivy Springs, $825,000.

Southern Home Builders of Virginia to Ellen L. Henderson, 1211 Clay Court, Wayland's Grant, Crozet, $205,300.

John E. and Gail M. Davidson to Christen D. McCormack, 2.85 acres at 1935 Secretary's Road, Scottsville, $275,000.

Steven T. and Tatiana I. Pirttima to Tyler and Suzanne Taigen, 114 Running Fox Lane, Foxcroft, $240,000.

Randall W. Rudolph to Peter R. and Elizabeth M. Romando, 4220 Rowan Court, Earlysville Forest, $273,000.

Southern Home Builders of Virginia to David Lin and Kendra Kubiak, lot on Wayland's Grant Drive, Wayland's Grant, $189,900.


George P. and Elizabeth C. Carras to Patrick B. McDonough and Cheryl D. Riddle, 109 Running Fox Lane, Foxcroft, $272,900.

Emily B. Bradley to Edward G. Walsh and Cathy A. Hyman-Walsh, 1087 Wintergreen Lane, Redfields, $201,000.

Keswick Corp. to Mark T. and Jayelene D. Betonti, parcel on Fairway Drive, Keswick Estates, $400,000.

Larry W. and Leslie J. Sidwell to Patrick and Rechelle Gleasure, 2.001 acres at 2935 Earlysville Road, $200,000.

Timothy D. Fitzgerald Sr. to James R. and Lutie Leona Morris, 3688 Green Creek Road, Green Mountain, Schuyler, $68,000.

Chaundey A. McHargue and Janet E. Lewis to Janet E. Lewis, 303 Westfield Road, Wynridge, $56,000.

Ruth E. Boatwright to David A. and Bridgette L. Ingalls, 0.377 acres at 3080 Red Row Lane, Esmont, $77,500.

Marisa and Albert Erskine to The Maple Ridge Group LC, 2.186 acres at Greencroft, $390,000.

Catherine R. Haney and Kathleen Claus to E. Rasha Cannon, 990 Rockledge Drive, Redfields, $243,000.

John C. and Suzanne M. McClish to Valerie A. Lopez, 0.347 acres at 1321 Gristmill Drive, Mill Creek, $200,000.

Legend Development Co. to Michael J. and Pamela K. Carmagnola, 1874 Clay Drive, Wayland's Grant, $285,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc.. to Maria E. Rossi, 1179 Rustic Willow Lane, Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $227,950.

Phyllis H. Steger to Brian L. and Jennifer L. Wilkes, two parcels at 7589 Esmont Road, Esmont, $115,000.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Rhondolyn J. and Garnett R. Falls Jr., 3420 Foxwood Drive, Foxwood, $562,500.

Ruhi J. and Nooshin Naderi Reimer to Merle M. Robertson, trustee, 1441 Glenside Green, LeParc, RiverRun, $258,000.

Brittany D. Kletter to Nicholas C. Attaway, 1715 Clay Drive, Wayland's Grant, $255,000.

Leona F. Lotts to Jason L. and Jill M. Williams, 1233 Raintree Drive, Raintree, $281,500.

Jen-Shih and Lian-Pin Lee to Frederick W. and Claudia VanHoose, 2017 Echo Ridge Road, Forest Lakes, $354,900.

Weston Development Co. LC to Louise M. and Keywood Cheves Jr., 1.382 acres at 4225 Redwood Lane, Walnut Hills, Earlysville, $730,000.

Amy L.. Skinner to Elizabeth J. Austin, 2480 Whitney Court, Briarwood, $146,900.

Donna C. Mayry to Samir and Vladimirka Litric, 1958 English Oaks Circle, English Oaks, $216,250.

Big Deal


Thomas H. Garth Jr. to Garth Land LLC, 55.48 acres on State Route 601, 1457 Garth Road, $3,073,000.