Annual Manual errata, omitta

Not everyone found the Annual Manual totally delightful. Indeed, alert readers spotted several omissions.

Like Blue Ridge Internetworks (817-0707) from the list of Internet providers– particularly embarrassing because they're our provider!

And how could we forget the Senior Center Inc. (974-7756) with its over 80 programs and services, from tap dancing to computer instruction? Somehow our sports list omitted the local YMCA, which serves more than 6,000 kids a year with basketball, wrestling, soccer, cheerleading, youth leadership training, judo, and a year-round swim team. And, how could we have forgotten the Sexual Assault Resource Agency, which helps survivors and works to end sexual attacks? 295-7273

Then there are the Lions Clubs. While we mentioned a few, alert reader Bert Colley points out that we left out a whopping five more of these humanitarian service orgs: Charlottesville Host Lions Club (977-6211), the Charlottesville Lioness Lions Club (973-5000), the Thomas Jefferson Lions Club (973-6213), the Crozet Lions Club (823-8811), and the Lions of Nelson (277-9018).

Another alert reader, Jim Hingeley, says he liked our Lynchburg day trip, "but alas your day-trippers won't be able to catch a show yet at the Academy of Music. Like the Paramount, it's still undergoing renovation, and the opening date remains uncertain. Also, it's now the Academy of Fine Arts, after its merger with the Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, which is about to be torn down for a hospital parking lot."

Hingeley also set us straight on the role of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court which does not hear divorce cases. "It seems like it should," writes Hingeley, "but the jurisdictional lines are a little quirky in Virginia. Divorces are heard in circuit court."

In our economy section, we listed the area's top employers. But boy did we sing a sour note by excluding Crozet-based Musictoday, which now boasts 230 employees.