We love Lethal!

I have followed with interest the complaints made against Lethal Towing [Fearless consumer, "Lethal tale: Jetta owner takes lumps," July 22, 2004] and feel obligated to voice a different opinion.

Although I have never been towed for illegal parking, my husband, daughter, and I have each needed to use the towing services of Lethal through their contract with AAA. On the multiple occasions over the past three years that we have used their services, we have never had a complaint. In fact, we have always found their drivers to be courteous and professional. They generally arrive ahead of schedule and are amazingly quick and efficient in maneuvering the automobile onto the truck and delivering it to the selected garage.

It is unfortunate that the public in general may form a negative opinion about a business based solely on the complaints of a few dissatisfied customers. Based on the number of times I see Lethal Wrecker trucks daily going about their jobs, as well as our own experience, there are obviously quite a number of satisfied consumers who need to be heard from as well.

The times that I have waited with a broken-down vehicle have fortunately been few; however, my anxiety is always relieved when I see a Lethal truck coming my way because I am confident I will receive excellent service.

Faye Creighton