Socialists in our midst

One of our history professors from UVA has joined 11 like-minded friends to write Where We Stand, Voices of Southern Dissent [Culture section: "Minor key Dixie: New Southern writes voice dissent," July 29, 2004]. I think more needs to be said.

I've read the book and believe that its an open attack on the current President, capitalism, our way of life in general, and is reminiscent of many of the more famous socialist writers of the past.

Wealth redistribution seems to be a very important part of the remolding of the United States as portrayed in this book. Each of the 12 essays would make you believe that very selfish people populate the United States, and their model of everyone sharing would be much better. The writers assert that we should look to Europe for inspiration and guidance

In the past 100 years, Europe has given demonstration to the world of the following; Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism, oppression of women, racial purges, religious intolerance, ethnic cleansing, constant war, and the UN. I sure wish we had received this advice about Europe sooner (he says, tongue in cheek).

Karl Marx wrote a very persuasive book. History teaches us this. These guys fell flat, but they will land in a group.

Jim Morris
Albemarle County