James H. Scott III to Louis Mitler, 3.524 acres at 2850 Locust Hill Drive, $470,000.

Seth P. and Davita L. Robinson to Roy A. and Mary E. Sharrow, 926 Fairwinds Lane, Western Ridge, Crozet, $234,000.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to William C. Winter and Ames J. Morton-Winter, 2.1235 acres at 3593 Garth Road, $455,000.

Kenneth L. and Erin C. Caswell to Jason Woodfin and Meredith E. Hayden, 1605 Reynovia Drive, Lake Reynovia, $189,500.

T. Joel and Betty R. Loving to Mark D. and Gwendalyn M. Papenhausen, 20 Langford Place, Langford, $580,000.

Edwin S. and Vivian E. Chasin to Mark and Victoria R. Cave, 2575 Milton Hills Drive, Milton Hills, $280,000.

Peter M. Arn to J. Jared and Rebecca L. Christophel, 1557 Primrose Lane, Lake Reynovia, $203,500.

Joyce M. Agati to Danilo and Seka Baljak, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 118 Turtle Creek Road, $130,000.

Christopher H. and Lisa C. Edsall to John S. and Yvonne G. Watterson, 486 Fontana Drive, Fontana, $417,400.

Corwin A. Brown to T. Scott and Marianne G. Wild, 2771 Peppervine Court, Pepperidge, Forest Lakes South, $390,000.

Denise O. and Lloyd P. Brown Jr. to Christopher W. and Rosemary S. Jacobs, 2951 Magnolia Bend, Chimney Springs, Forest Lakes South, $275,000.

Shenandoah Properties LLC to Alfredo M. and Carrie G. Basas, 21.075 acres at the Quarries subdivision, Scottsville district, $81,000.


Kent M. and Susan B. Miller to Christopher B. and Catherine J. Wiese, 1784 Hearthglow Lane, Fieldbrook, $285,000.

Shell Islands Ltd. to Gene R. Burleson and Dabney J. Hibbert, lot in Glenmore, $355,000.

Jerry O. and Frances M. Viemeister to Edwin L. Longbrake, 3680 Airport Acres Road, Airport Acres, $197,000.

Donald S. Batten to Ronald E. and Janet K. Parham, 1776 Scottsville Road, $535,000.

Lee Jong and Rosy Kin-On King, trustees, to Jen Shih Lee, 206 Greentree Park, Greentree, $153,500.

Leonard E. and Ina E. Hofland to Neha Gandhi, 2703 Brookmere Road, Woodbrook, $240,000.

Legend Development Co. to Jeffrey and Melanie Henderson, 1726 Clay Drive, Waylands Grant, Crozet, $209,900.

Michael K. Sanders to Matthew F. Schmoekel and Kelly M. Andra, 1119 Sundrops Court, Lake Reynovia, $217,000.

Marguerite H. Pickering and Donald Harrison to Gaffney Homes LLC, lot in Earlysville, $250,000.

Marguerite H. Pickering and Donald Harrison to MacMillan Pace LLC, 2.02 acres at Cricket Hill, $500,000.

Marguerite H. Pickering and Donald M. Harrison to Deep Acres LLC, five parcels at Cricket Hill, Samuel Miller District, $1,945,000.


Charles R. and Dorothy J. Pace to Wayne and Donna Parham, 942 Canvasback Drive, Redfields, $289,900.

Abdallah G. and Kelly L. Kfoury to Shannon L. and Chet G. Namboodri Jr., 1028 Blackburn Bluff, Dunlora, $466,500.

Ronald E. and Joan E. Pugh to Ashley R. and Pleasant H. Bagby Jr., 505 Arrowhead Drive, Rivanna subdivision, Earlysville, $410,000.

Carl R. Stacy III to Christine A. Stacy, 792 Merion Green, RiverRun, Merion Greene, RiverRun, $160,000.

Blandemar Farm Inc. to Thomas J. and Jane Noren D. Davis, 25.438 acres in Blandemar Farm, $455,000.

Sharon H. Douglas to Stanley R. and Sheena R. Golish, 679 Victorian Court, Village Square, $285,000.

Nathan M. and Shelly S. Smith to Jason Glover and Christen Satnick, 116 Oak Forest Circle, Oak Forest subdivision, $212,000.

Phillip D. Ryder to Steven L. Peters, 2920 Doctors Crossing, Berkeley, $233,000.

Green Tree Servicing LLC to Behl Enterprises Inc., 1.108 acres at 6998 Newtown Road, $40,000.

Edward P. Mimms to Wes Lee and Pamela S. Grammer, 6709 Dick Woods Road, Western Oaks subdivision, $289,900.

Jan F. Dutton and Amy Wrentmore to Keith E. and Melissa T. Collier, 1651 Shady Grove Court, Mill Creek, $216,000.

Claudia R. and C. Scott Duncan III to Jonathan and Megan D. Kauffmann, 1165 Fox Chase Ridge, Foxcroft, $290,000.

Tri County Development Corp. to Amy R. Carroll, 3.42 acres at 3734 Ashleigh Way Road, Ashleigh, $316,000.

Charles D. Lewis to Bradford B. and Stephanie M. Bosserman, 2.045 acres on State Route 810, $130,000.

Thomas R. and Tonya P. Grinde to Paul S. and Laura R. Hoffman, 1.421 acres at 2140 North Pantops Drive, Ashcroft, $394,000.

Christopher P. and Tucker R. Crum to Todd M. and Christy L. Forest, trustees, l109.74 acres on State Route 637, $500,000.

Cecilia M. McCrossan to Timothy W. Smith, 2238 Hummingbird Lane, Briarwood, $180,000.


Michael S. Terry and Laura A. Bruce to Joseph W. and Ruth G. Bernheim, 1550 Gray Fox Trail, Ivy Oaks, $427,000.

Haley Chisholm & Morris Inc. to Margaret Gordon, 5.231 acres in Indian Springs subdivision, $190,000.

J. Page Williams, trustee, to VanderLinde Housing Inc., 1.73 acres on State Route 631, Rio Road, $2,350,000.

Charles W. Hurt and Shirley Fisher, trustees of Willoughby Land Trust, to Development Management Too LLC, 1.520 acre parcel in Willoughby subdivision, $450,000.

Charles W. Hurt and Shirley Fisher, trustees of Willoughby Land Trust, to R. Wayne Mawyer, two lots in Tanager Woods, $150,000.

Mary U. Sihler to John M. and Honor J. Garrett, 202 Sturbridge Road, Hessian Hills, $470,500.

John P. and Candace S. Hoenmans to Ronald D. and C. Zoe Prince, 1411 Darley Row, Glenmore, $599,000.

James and Joanne Young to James M. and Jennifer Collins, 1305 River Chase Lane, Dunlora, $374,900.

University of Virginia Health System to Highlife LLC, 5.869 acres in Forest Lakes, $2,100,000.

Gaffney Homes LLC to Robert C. and Alison H. Cushing, 5.46 acres at 5861 Rockfish Gap Turnpike, $532,000.

G.C. Hessian Hills LP to Hessian Hills LLC, lots, $14,450.

Walter W. Pittman to Lenwood A. and Ida B. Johnson, 558 Millstone Court, Brookmill condominiums, $166,000.

Keri K. Hill to Stanley L. Allen III, 114 Quince Lane, Willoughby, $140,000.

Patricia M. Finnerty, trustee, to Toby and Florence Berger, 2.120 acres at 810 Gilliams Mountain Court, Peacock Hill, $390,000.

June D. Knight, trustee, to George R. and Shirley M. Rennick, 400 Colthurst Drive, Colthurst subdivision, $1,090,000.

Joseph and Martina Viviano to Michael D. and Catherine R. Ratliff, 2440 Redbud Lane, Redbud, $395,000.

Tracey R. Elder to Edwin and Kathryn Dugger, 105 Dover Court, Carrsbrook, $263,900.

Craig and Anne P. Watkins to National Residential Nominee Service, 175 Langford Place, Langford subdivision, $428,000.

National Residential Nominee Service to Fred L. and Rebecca J. Cardwell, 175 Langford Place, Langford subdivision, $428,000.


Arnold D. and Karen D. Brown to Stephen D. Fountain, 2356 Whitney Court, Briarwood, $138,500.

Kostich Construction Inc. to Iva W. Coiner and Timothy P. and Laurie C. Martin, 353 Bayberry Way, Deerwood, $311,021.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Robert and Linda S. Kolker, 3.89 acres at 155 Buffalo Hills Road, Westview, Earlysville, $473,590.

Robert L. and Cindy S. Crist to Ian R. and Denise F. Jackson, 2272 Oak Ridge Court, Bentivar, $140,000.

Robert M. Cox Jr. to Medallion Enterprises LLC, lot in Glenmore, $152,000.

Wachovia Bank National Assoc. to Wendy and Robert C. Brugh, common area at Airport Industrial Park, $830.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Randolph and Erin R. Swansiger, two lots in Forest Lakes South, $410,000.

Two Hundred Fifty West Holdings LLC to Promised Land LLC, lot in Foxchase, $180,000.

Redlands LLC to Tanya Nguyen, 3010 Morewood Lane, Mechums River subdivision, $251,000.

Frederick K. Alouf to Philip Wendel, 88.857 acres at 1701 Bentivar Drive, $3,277,500.

William T. Clark Jr. to Annette P. Garrison, 610 Whitcover Circle, Stonehenge, $163,000.

Michael D. and Grace A. Struiksma to Yvonne Hussaini, 4326 Dickerson Road, Lake Acres, $245,000.

Gene A. and Judith S. Sandridge to Denise H. Ramey, 1651 Gatewick Place, Glenmore, Keswick, $510,000.

Peter D. Nielsen to John L. Lewis IV, three lots in Murphy's Creek Farm subdivision, $800,000.

William T. McGee to Joseph W. Wright III, 1472 Ashland Drive, $215,000.

Charles W. Hurt and Shirley Fisher, trustees, to Ronald M. Goldberg, 78.07 acres at Ashleigh, $200,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Randolph J. and Amie M. Koporc, 3518 Glasgow Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $628,256.

Joseph B. Morris and Judith L. Smith to Gail Marowitz, 3256 Gateway Circle, Forest Lakes, $187,500.

Barbara A. Deetz to William H. Guilford, 822 Harris Road, Willoughby, $220,000.


Craig Enterprises Inc. to Carlos I. Vizcaino and Josefa Andrade, 1407 Cedarwood Court, Redfields, $302,233.

Charles Y. and Cameron C. Sipe to Amir A. Jazaeri and Lori W. Julian, 2720 Leeds Lane, Meriwether Hills, $360,000.

Gregory G. Degnan to Milton and Kim E. Chen, 3041 Cove Lane, Cove Point, Forest Lakes, $392,500.

Derrick T. and Aimee C. Mestler to Brandy L. Durbin, 1039 SomerChase Court, Hollymead, $217,000.

Kevin E. and Meegan P. Snyder to Joseph M. Baisden and Jamie R. Enomoto-Baisden, 930 Fairwinds Lane, Western Ridge, Crozet, $275,000.

Rodney B. and Karen J. Rice to William T. McGee, 1608 Purple Sage Court, Forest Lakes South, $312,000.

Yvonne G. and John S. Watterson III to James W. Erler and B. M. Catriona, 965 Pintail Lane, Redfields, $270,000.

Doris G. Eglevsky to Ronald J. Beyers, 803 Harris Road, Willoughby, $208,000.

Linda E. Wachtmeister to Robert L. Strini and Jan P. Cogdill, trustees, 240.962 acres at Linden Farm, gift.

Big Deal


Frederick K. Alouf to Philip Wendel, 88.857 acres at 1701 Bentivar Drive, $3,277,500.