The week in review

Saddest find: The body of a homeless man, Eugene M. Tyndall Jr., 53, behind trash bins in the LexisNexis parking lot August 10.

Worst weather: Two storms– tropical storm Bonnie and Hurricane Charley– threaten the area and move steadily up the Daily Progress' front page last week, hitting lead story status by August 12, and remaining there through August 16 with "Charley causes Va. little damage."

Worst actual damage: In Punta Gorda, Florida, August 14, where thousands are homeless and at least 19 dead at press time.

Most eyes on a UVA grad: Women's basketball star Dawn Staley leads the U.S. delegation and carries the American flag at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics August 13 in Athens.

Least prepared alleged carjacker: Jamie Lamar Woodson allegedly flashes a shiny object at a woman sitting in a Honda Accord August 15 at Preston Square Apartments, forces her into the passenger seat, but then can't get the car in reverse, according to the Progress. The woman escapes, and Woodson is charged with abduction and carjacking.

Least successful jailbreak: Four inmates at the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail attempt an escape and take two correctional guards hostage early August 14, only to have other inmates foil the plan and rescue one of the officers, Reed Williams reports in the Progress.

Best nicknames: Howard Deshawn "Pluck" Ewell is arrested August 10 for a drive-by shooting in Staunton July 7. Joniel "Shista" Edwards turns himself in August 12. Police are still looking for Duane Carey "Nut" Washington, according to another Williams story.

Longest wait to serve papers: Seven years after a lawsuit is filed against Snoop Dogg, the rapper is finally served at a Virginia Beach concert August 11 for having an unsuspecting concert promoter pick up three FedEx packages full of marijuana in Petersburg in 1997.

Biggest smoking bust: Caroline County resident Tamara Silvius is sentenced August 12 to 10 days in jail for smoking Bailey Menthols around her kids, violating a judge's no-smoke order during child visitation.

Closest call: Yancey Elementary ekes out accreditation under the No Child Left Behind Act, avoiding the fate of Clark Elementary, which had to offer students the option of attending other schools. About 10 percent of its enrollment opted to go elsewhere.

Biggest tease? WINA reports signs of life August 16 at the Corner Bodo's, which has been in the works since 1995.

Best way to get rid of those ancient computers, cell phones, and printers: Office Depot at Seminole Square accepts one electronic item a day through September 6.

Biggest outing: New Jersey Governor James McGreevey announces August 12 he's gay, that he had an affair with a man, and is resigning November 15.

Greatest loss of a culinary icon: Julia Child, The French Chef, dies August 13, two days before her 92nd birthday. According to the Washington Post, her last meal is French onion soup.

Best local boy makes the cover of Vanity Fair : Donovan Webster writes about sniper Lee Boyd Malvo in the September issue.

Most shocking headline: "Mike Wallace arrested after parking scuffle." The 86-year-old 60 Minutes institution is cuffed following an incident involving two Taxi and Limousine Commission inspectors and his double-parked limousine outside a New York restaurant August 10 where he was picking up meatloaf to go.