Thank the trail-builders

The author's July 1 letter– headlined "Presley's greedy," about the woman who cried foul over unpermissioned use of her property, touched off a couple of feisty replies satirically suggesting that the property and possessions of letter writer Scott Johnsen should be usurped without his permission.–editor

Unlike some Hook readers, the vast majority of people in Charlottesville who own houses along the Rivanna Trail understand the difference between supporting a public trail system and "stealing" someone's property.

Allowing people to walk along the edge of one's property is a small personal sacrifice for a large public good. Hundreds of volunteers of all ages have constructed and maintained this trail for the benefit of the whole community.

Only the most tunnel-visioned ideologue would equate these people's efforts on behalf of their community with trying to steal someone's car, or with selfishness of any kind.

On behalf of the rest of us, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to the many homeowners along the Rivanna Trail who have allowed people to walk along the edge of their properties. You are part of what makes Charlottesville special, and your kindness is not forgotten.

Scott Johnsen