Meet madness: the City Market rocks

For as long as memory serves, Saturday mornings have belonged to the farmer's market in the Water Street parking lot. It seems every Charlottesvillian makes it out to this ritual gathering at some point during the summer to mingle with lower and middle-class families, teeny boppers, hung-over 20somethings, aging hippies, super rich elderly, and on down to simple country folk. It's quite a salad bowl of Americana– and then there are all those vegetables to buy!

Besides garden bounty, the City Market (as it's officially known) has grown to include arts and crafts, coffee roasters, fashion, soap, and even donuts.

Though no meat products seem to be among the offerings, it certainly seemed like a meet market with plenty of opportunities for, "Hey I saw you last night at Zocalo/Blue Light/Rapture/Miller's."

Vendors range from folksy to churlish, and mostly the prices can't be beat. Plus it's a great place to catch up with people who you haven't seen in a while. It's not unheard of that sharing the agonizing decision of Romas v. Better Boys can lead to romance with a sympathetic stranger. Or you may find more in common in the "Is it a fruit or a vegetable?" debate.

20-year market veteran Rob Brown and assistant Scott Wilcox know how to party.

Baker's Palette's Tom Cervelloni sells donuts with his daughter Abby.

Robin Macklin's daughter, Jesse, gets to test out Mieka Brand's homemade soaps.

The market beckons.

Jenny Mead and Laurie McDade always have a blast at the market.

Charlotte Morford, hoping to make a girlfriend happy later today.

Patsy Walsh paints one of her beautiful City Market watercolors.

"Woody" takes pride his flowers.