Tatum tepee was sister's

Your cover story [July 8: "River bluff: How to save a park– sort of"] has a few facts that are a bit off. The teepee you are referring to was a work of art done not by children, but by my sister, C.T. James, of Bland Circle. She and her two dogs walked and maintained a spotless trail along the Rivanna River for years. They kept the trail free of litter and various other paraphernalia that the transient litterbugs seem to enjoy discarding.

The second fact you somewhat misrepresented was about Stan Tatum. Did not the City pave his driveways!? That's something that is unheard of with such a big private project.

The "path" he provided leaves much to be desired. Hopefully he was looking out for his neighbors further south. The sign is as wide as the trail, well, maybe not!

Your article was very informative for the most part. Thank you for trying to give us factual information.

Helen J. Forbes