Tatum got a free road

Some very interesting points I would like to make not printed (purposely or otherwise) in your July 8 cover story ["River bluff: How to save a park– sort of"].

From your article: "One Locust-area landowner did step forward to build a public access point over his property: Stan Tatum."

Is it a gift when the city for free paves the streets for Tatum in his new housing unit? I would certainly think not. What would be the price tag to have done this paving privately?

The small Rivanna Trails sign sits in the corner, and a large sign right beside it states, "private property." I do live in the Locust Avenue area, and you would have to know where the detour is to begin with, or you surely would never find it.

I will be waiting to see if you print this info or if your reporting will continue to report only things that you want to report. Will be watching!

Thomas Moor

Tatum says that regulations stipulate that roads accepted onto the City grid must be asphalted by City crews. –editor